We Learned About Weed with My 420 Tours in Denver & It was EPIC

Who else out there has a stoner bucket list? 🙋🏼📄 I sure do, and top of my list has been to visit a cannabis grow and learn about the whole seed to sale process from the experts. It’s something I’ve been curious about for YEARS, and last week in Denver, Colorado, my dreams came true!

After spending the weekend in Boulder for a wedding, I had a day in Denver before my flight back to Austin, and had the chance to look into some options for a Denver cannabis tour. One company I came across had the perfect tour at the ideal Sunday afternoon time slot — My 420 Tours “Complete Cannabis” experience.

I’m so excited to tell you a little bit about how it all went down, & hope to inspire anyone that’s as passionate about cannabis as I am to seek out a tour like this for themselves.

Getting to My 420 Tours HQ

Ahead of my tour, I was lucky enough to chat with the My 420 Tours team who were quick to answer any question I had (and even let me interview their CEO, Danny Schaefer — check out that post here!). Their whole team is made up of chill, down to

Friendly signage helped us get to My 420 Tours check-in.

earth people that are endlessly knowledgeable about cannabis and advocating for it’s legalization and destigmatization. More on that later.

Checking in and Browsing the Shop

My friend J and I started our day early and drove down from Boulder with time to spare, and I’m glad we did!

The My 420 Tours HQ is a little tricky to find using our GPS, but thankfully I pulled up an email from them with detailed directions that brought us right to the warehouse where they’re located.

We parked, walked in and followed the signs to their front desk where check-in was a breeze, and there were tons of fun CBD treats and merch to browse.

Our My 420 Tour Guides

From there we boarded we met our tour guides, Kat and Gauge, and boarded the 420 friendly bus. With plain black exterior, tinted windows and sleek black leather seating

Tour guides like Gauge made our experience educational and interactive

inside, our ride felt comfortable, discreet and very VIP.

Kat gave us a warm welcome, and went over a couple housekeeping items — we each had colored wristbands, that designated us as “media friendly” or not. Those that weren’t media friendly should not be included in any photos or video taken during the tour, even in the background of pics.

I loved this element of the experience, which was a nice touch to make the tour friendly to folks from all walks of life that might be curious about cannabis but didn’t want their friends, family or especially employer back home hassling them about their vaca activities. Bravo, My 420 Tours 👏🏼

The second note was that no outside cannabis was allowed in the grow that we were about to visit. I hadn’t even thought about this one, but it made so much sense — their

That grow tho 😍

meticulously cultivated plants could be easily contaminated by our stuff, so we left that all on the bus (after hotboxing our ride on the way over, of course!).

J and I had a bunch of stuff to finish before our flight home, so we were glad when everyone on the bus started sparking up, hitting their dab pens, and passing everything around.

A friendly couple near the aux cord DJ’d our burn cruise and before we knew it, it was time to visit the grow and dispensary.

Visiting Seed & Smith

Not going to lie — I felt like a kid on Christmas morning walking into Seed & Smith. Their operation was absolutely awesome, and looked like it was built to be accessible for tours

Some gorgeous green grown right there at Seed & Smith 🌿

like ours. Large glass windows opened up to the various grow rooms, where we were able to view the actual plants at 3 different stages of their growth.

Educational videos were queued up to play and interactive elements like a sample basket full of growth medium (part coconut shells, who knew?!) and a terp smelling station let us get our hands and noses actively involved.

Checking out the labs where oils and concentrates were being made before our eyes was another serious highlight. And, our tour’s absolute favorite 420 photo op was when we got to hold 1lb bags of green, grown right there at Seed & Smith. How. Freaking. Cool.

I learned SO much as we toured around, and the Seed & Smith staffers were part of our experience too, there to answer any question about their operation and industry.

There was no such thing as a dumb question, and I felt totally comfortable asking anything I was curious about as it popped into my mind. This friendly environment for beginner stoners and experts alike was really awesome.

Shopping in the Seed & Smith Dispensary

Lastly, what kind of tour is complete without a trip to the gift shop? Seed & Smith’s dispensary was the cherry on top of the 420 tour sundae, with knowledgeable bud tenders there to help and a beautiful selection of flower, edibles, concentrates and

So many fun goodies to choose from at Seed & Smith’s dispensary, with friendly budtenders to help.

novelty items and swag, too.

Since I was about to get on a flight that evening, I wasn’t able to take advantage of their seriously sweet tour-exclusive package deals, but I did buy a t-shirt with a super cute ombre logo design. Next time I’m definitely going to book one of their 420 friendly hotels for one more night in Denver to enjoy the Mile High City a little longer!

Once our group was done browsing the goods in the dispensary, we made our way back onto the My 420 Tours bus, toked up, talked about our favorite parts of the day, and headed back to HQ.

Kat and Gauge chatted with us about their favorite spots in Denver to grab a bite to eat after the tour (how did they know the munchies were hitting hard?! 😂) and were available for any questions and other recommendations, too.

My 420 Tour Review

Overall, taking My 420 Tour’s Complete Cannabis experience was a major highlight of my Colorado weekend. Cannabis tours like this one help break down the stigmas and miseducation around the plant by creating ambassadors in each of us that experienced it, while being FUN and an all around ganja good time.

Is taking a 420 tour on your stoner babe bucket list? Have a trip to Denver coming up and want some pro-tips? Let us know in the comments below!👇🏾

Our tour was generously sponsored by My 420 Tours, but all opinions are truly & honestly our own. Support our friends at My 420 Tours by booking your next Colorado weed vacation with them 💚

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  1. Oh that would be one awesome vacay right there. My kids are teens and they could go to grandma’s house whilst hubby and I hit up a 420 vacay. But one can dream right? I have a hard enuff time paying my basic bills. But adding this to my bucket list.

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