Weed Chat With: Danny Schaefer, CEO of My 420 Tours in Denver, Colorado

We’re headed to Denver, babes! That’s right… we’re taking a trip to one of our great nation’s cannabis HQs, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Ahead of our trip this summer, we decided to check out some fun things to do around the city, and came across the website for My 420 Tours. We were absolutely blown away by how many options there were to explore the city by foot or 420 friendly bus, with tons of tours to pick from like the Blaze & Gaze Graffiti tour, Greenhouse Grow & Dispensary Tour, and even their signature Sushi & Joint Rolling Class.

We decided to reach out to see who the creators are behind this amazing cannabis content, and we got to chat with the CEO himself, Danny Schaefer. Check out the full interview below, and stay tuned to see what tour we pick to take with a fun recap after our trip 🏔🌿👀

Danny, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! Tell us a little bit about yourself, and the story behind My 420 Tours.

I’ve lived in the Denver area my whole life. This is where I grew up and where I’ve chosen to raise my own little Denver natives, ages 2 and 6. Before My 420 Tours, I rose

My-420-Tours- CEO-HeyHelloHigh
Danny Schaefer, CEO of My 420 Tours

through the ranks in the telecom and tech industries. I left a corporate exec position in 2013 to become a trailblazer in the newly legalized cannabis scene in Colorado.

My 420 Tours ran its first bus tour on January 1, 2014 — the first day that dispensaries opened their doors to recreational shoppers — and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

What has been the most fun part of operating My 420 Tours? The most challenging?

Being first to market and leading the way in cannabis tourism in Colorado and beyond. It’s been fun to carve out this niche and see competitors pop up.

As the originators of cannabis travel in the U.S., we get the chance to help shape what cannabis culture looks like to visitors and newcomers. We get to make history.

Being the OG of cannabis tourism is also the most challenging part.

We’ve been navigating legal gray areas since the beginning. As much as we focus on our business and educating our customers on cannabis, we also always have to be ready for laws to change on the federal, state, and city level. At this point, I have as many lawyers as I have friends!

420 friendly party bus? Yes please! 👏🏼

How does My 420 Tours support female cannabis entrepreneurs in Colorado & beyond?

The beauty of our tours and events is that they bring the industry together.

We partner with amazing grow facilities, dispensaries, product companies and media influencers that we’ve hand-selected as the best match for our brand.

One of my favorite female-led businesses that we work with is Better Baked, led by Elyse and Deloise. We also work with Angel, who distributes her Mary Jane Gift Boxes in our gift shop. You can also find the Mota Pot, a butter infusion device spearheaded by our good friend Carolyn.

We’ve also donated time, tour tickets and event space to the Denver chapter of Ellementa, which is an amazing network for women advocates of cannabis.

What is your dream for the future of My 420 Tours? What new type of tour would you love to add, or new partnership you’d like to have, if you could do absolutely anything?

If there’s one thing we’re really passionate about, it’s reaching cannabis newcomers and giving them a fun, safe, and legal experience that’s full of learning and free of judgment.

Visiting a greenhouse has always been top on our stoner girl bucket list! 🌿📸

As we grow, we’re adding more education aspects.

I foresee designing tours and hands-on classes for veterans, health care professionals, legislators, educators, retirees, medical users, and wellness enthusiasts.

I love helping people discover (or rediscover) this amazing plant in an above-ground marketplace and find new ways to benefit from it.

Last but not least, you get to spend a lot of time around cannabis, so we’re super curious — what’s your favorite strain?

Favorite strains? Flow or Golden Goat.

Thanks again for chatting with us, Danny! Have you ever taken a 420 tour, babes? Let us know in the comments below 👇🏽 and next time you’re in Denver, be sure to stop by My 420 Tours and say hey to their super cool CEO 😎.


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