High, World!

Welcome to HeyHelloHigh!

Thanks for landing here on our blog. We’re excited to have you!

If you’re wondering what we’re all about, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’re BJ and GM, two city girls in our 20s that love brunch, beach days, traveling, cooking, fitness, and going on adventures with our friends. We work in marketing / events, and love keeping busy.

Oh, and we smoke a bunch of weed!

If that surprises you, you’re not alone. Popular culture has given marijuana smokers a serious stereotype of being lazy hippies that like drum circles, wear ponchos, and don’t have jobs.

There’s nothing wrong with channeling Cheech & Chong if that’s your thing, of course. But we’re here to give a voice to another subset of smokers — women that are smart, successful, classy and smoke, too.

Our mission is to become a community to share ideas, recipes, etiquette, and pro-tips about smoking marijuana to help every stoner woman live her best life.

Whether you’re brand new to the world of weed,  a pro-smoker, or even just an ally of marijuana reform, we hope you’ll find something interesting on HeyHelloHigh.

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Thanks for your support!

xo — BJ & GM


9 thoughts on “High, World!

    1. Ooh, GREAT question! Right now I’m loving a cold glass of ice tea and a plate of fruit / cheese / chocolate. I pre-make the munchies plate before I smoke so I don’t wander off in the kitchen and eat a bunch of junk 🙂 Nice and refreshing for summer and relatively healthy too!

      Welcome to the community, glad to have you here ✌🏼


    1. Hey Wendy! Right now I’m loving Super Lemon Haze 🍋 — keeping those summer vibes going strong with it’s citrus terps and uplifting high! Whats yours?


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