Products We Love: E-CLIPES

Compact, easy to use and high tec are the first words that came to mind when I pull my e-clipse-dry-herb-vaporizer.jpgnew shiny black toy from the box. The E-Clipse Vape is handheld 2200mah lithium battery powered dry herb vape pen. This pen is about 4in and much smaller than an Iphone and fits comfortably in my hand and as well as my pocket. Which finding a pen that can comfortably fit in the pocket of woman’s jeans is good in my book. Most tend to be too big or bulky and stick out too much.

The E-Clipes tops out at 435*F which is high for a herb vape and allows you to get the most out of your bud. The temperature is shown via the OLED screen in the front of the E-Clipes. You can adjust the heat one degree at a time, which I find to be very helpful. This pen also reaching its peak temperature in 30 seconds or less, which is optimal when you’re trying to take hits between meetings or class and when you’re on the go. You can also easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius very easily if you have a preference.

The pen comes with everything you need to make clean up a breeze and I had no issue e-clipse-dry-herb-vaporizer-with-glass-mouthpiece.jpgemptying and refilling. It can we charged with a basic USB charger (looks like an android charger) which also comes in the kit along with a glass mouthpiece.

Overall I liked this pen and think its perfect for a first-time buyer.

Get the E-Clipse HERE

E-Clipse not your thing? has it all so be sure to browse around for your perfect pen.

Use code HEYHELLOHIGH at check for a special gift with purchase

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