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10 Stoner Socks Perfect for Staying Cozy and Getting High AF

Is there anything better than a warm, cozy pair of socks? The only way to improve on that kind of fuzzy feet experience is when they are cannabis themed!

We’re a long ways away from a time when the only stoner-themed socks you could buy were at Spencer’s Gifts. Shopping on Amazon is now so easy and convenient. A whole world of novelty socks are just a click away.

Not all socks are created equal, though. We dug through 100s of reviews to bring you the absolute top lineup of cannabis socks, ready to ship to your door in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re looking for the best stoner socks around, or the perfect gift for your BFF who loves to blaze, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a lineup of my top 10 best stoner socks, perfect for staying cozy and getting high.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Themed Stoner Socks on Amazon

Now, let’s get down to the details!

Among the Flowers Women’s Weed Socks

Hey, botanist babes – this pairs for YOU! How cute are these black and pink socks with floral and cannabis details. I love that the weed-theme is subtle. You really could wear these and only fellow pot aficionados would even notice. I love them for all seasons and occasions, paired with a dress or peeking out from under a pair of leather boots.

Featured Review:

I honestly love these socks. They’re probably my favorite socks I own. They’re not a scratchy material, but they’re also not too soft. They did leave the weird indent marks, that happen sometimes, at the top on my shin after wearing them all day but it wasn’t itchy or anything. Over I absolutely recommend these if you love plants and weed – Ashlie

Cannabis Leaf Neon Love Multipack

I own the Teal + Neon Pink ones and let me tell you first hand that I absolutely LOVE them. They are soft, comfy and very high quality. They’re not your average novelty sock – they’ve quickly become my go to! I chose my multipack based on colors that would match my sneakers and activewear. Now I pretty much just wear them with whatever, and they’ve held up to the test of jogs around my neighborhood and marathon Netflix binges alike. Highly recommend!

Featured Review:

These are cute! A ton of these marijuana socks will stretch oddly and look awful once they’re on your feet (looking at you, HUF). These are so great I bought two packs and gave a bunch of pairs to my friends. SO worth the cost. Also love that they’re no-shows. They peak out of my slippers, but if you don’t want anyone to know your true stoner self, you can hide them under most shoes. – Ellie

Beam Me Up Socks

An alien abducting weed and pizza? SAY NO MORE! The knitted design on these socks isn’t the most crisp in the game, but I love them nonetheless. They are poetic in their simplicity. It’s 4 of my favorite things in one – space, carbs, cheese and cannabis. This alien know’s she’s going to have the munchies like a m’fer and she’s coming prepared! Love to see it.

Featured Review:

Exactly as pictured. In love 😍😍 Came next day! – Heather

Roll Me a Blunt and Tell Me I’m Pretty Socks

Ok, I’m obsessed with these! Word of warning, some of the reviews are mixed – these look like the lower-quality printed on socks, rather than the knit kind. With those you often get the stretch effect, where if you order them in your true size the image gets all distorted. Since there is text printed (way less forgiving than, say, an abstract print) I’d size up one, maybe even two and plan to wear them lower on your calf. I still think they could be totally worth it.

Featured Review:

Love them although I wish they were longer bc the print stretches. GF loves them too. – Kaykayy

Medical Marijuana Socks

How fun are these? I love the knit blue with the contrasting green heel and toe. The orange prescription bottle is iconic, with the cute little leaves poking out. Made of 85% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 5% Spandex, these probably won’t be your most durable socks for the long haul, but they sure are cute. Know a card-carrying MMJ patient? These socks would make the perfect gift.

Featured Review:

Awesome. My niece loved them! – Jedi1985

Happy Feet Stoner Toon Socks

For babes that love joints, these socks are a HIT! See what I did there? I love the cartoon cannabis leaves, smoke puffs, lighter and stoned smiley face with the hazy eyes. These stocks definitely fall into the “silly” rather than classy category, but that’s fine by me. They’re sure to get a laugh out of your BFF or keep ’em for yourself.

Featured Review:

I love these socks!!!! So glad I ordered them. Pattern is embroidered in and not printed. Great color hold. – Dina

Hit the Bong with Cheech and Chong Socks

Kick it old school with these AMAZING Cheech and Chong socks. Made from an 85% cotton blend with spandex added to the mix to give it the perfect amount of stretch for your feet. They have a reinforced heel and toe to make sure they last long because we hate holes in our socks more than anything else. The designs are knitted into the cotton base. These socks are great for everyday casual wear or when celebrating important stoner occasions, like having weed and getting ready to smoke it.

Featured Review:

I have purchased these socks as a gift and I was very delighted when I received them. Love the look and the quality appears to be very good. I am excited to give them as a gift and I do believe they will be well received. Yes, they are still ahead of their time and well appreciated and even makes us laugh these days 🙂 – Mary

I’m Not as Think as You Stoned I Am Socks

I’ll admit, I had to read these 3 times before I got it. The design features pot leaves, joints, bongs, and peace signs in fun, bold colors. The bottom of the socks feature a funny secret message written in non-slip ink: “I’m Not as Think as You Stoned I Am.” So pack a bowl, kick your feet up and let the world know!

Featured Review:

These socks are perfect for Coloradans. Both funny and comfortable. Got these as a gift for a friend that takes advantage of legalized weed here in Denver. He wears them at disc golf tournaments around the State for good luck. Clever and well made. Great gift. Highly recommend. – Sarah

Chicken, Pot, and Pie Socks

Ok seriously, who comes up with these?! And what are they smoking, because I want some. If you love chicken, pot and pie then these socks were literally made for you. I feel like these would be a HUGE hit at Thanksgiving, although Turkey Pot Pie would be even more accurate and I’m not sure that’s a thing. If it is, comment below.

Featured Review:

Perfect gift for someone who loves chicken. And pot. And pie. Comfy socks for men (or women), good quality and nice looking, too. Get them for yourself or for a friend with a good sense of humor. They’ll love them. – Brittany

Hot Sox Cannabis Leaf Socks

Let’s close things out with an instant classic. I love the detail in these cannabis print socks. I’m a huge fan of the black, which I think makes socks more durable and last a lot longer, especially if you like to walk around without shoes. Hot Sox have been in the fashion socks game since the 70s, so you know they’re good.

Featured Review:

Loved these socks. They are a little large fitting but I do have small feet so perhaps that is why but I really did like them. The quality was just excellent and many people commented on how neat they were. – Bernadette

Which socks do you plan to rock, babes? Let me know in the comments below!

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