Awesome Halloween Costumes for Stoner Girls in 2020

13 ~Actually~ Awesome Cannabis Themed Halloween Costumes You Can Buy on Amazon in 2020

The good. The bad. The downright offensive. Amazon is packed full of Halloween costumes for all types of cannabis-themed lewks.

Our mission here at HeyHelloHigh is to steer you away from stoner stereotypes, and Halloween is no different. It’s that one time of year where all the most ridiculous cannabis characters come out in full force – the sexy nurse, the burnout hippie, the “Pot Head” – I’m sure you’ve seen ’em all.

As a stoner that holds herself to a higher standard, you’ve come to the right place. What comes next is not a roundup of every single cheesy stoner costume you’ll find on Amazon. It’s a curated list of costumes we personally love, support and stand behind for stoners everywhere.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

The BEST Cannabis Themed Stoner Halloween Costumes You Can Buy on Amazon for 2020

Spandex Cannabis Body Suit

The starter to any cool stoner girl Halloween costume! Forget all the tacky fake plastic costume accessories and start with a simple (but impactful) body suit and build from there. Take inspiration from Rhianna and turn this into a Cannabis Fairy costume with a glittery tutu and wings. Or, throw a white lab coat on over it and be a cannabis scientist. The opportunities are endless!

Cannabis Tax Revenue Couples Costume

This couples costume is a real conversation starter. Did you know? Colorado’s cannabis industry has generated more than $1 billion in tax revenue for the state during the five years since legalizing the commercial sale of cannabis. Use your halloween costume as a powerful platform to educate your community about the benefits that legalization can bring!

Awesome Space Suit Costume

Astronauts get high, so a space suit makes the perfect stoner girl halloween costume. Add your own flare with cannabis leaf pins or patches. For more of a Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century look, check out this super cute space suit.

Out of This World Alien Costume

After Astronauts you KNOW we had to do aliens, right? Blaze up to your UFO with this fun alien costume complete with green mesh under layer, silver body suit, cloves and antennae. Reviews are mixed on Amazon so make sure you check out if this costume is the right one for you – tons of other Alien Costume suggestions should pop up, too.

Weed Lungs T-Shirt Costume

A play on the classic skeleton t-shirts you see everywhere during the Halloween holidays, this tee is the perfect costume starter to spark your inspiration.

Green Velvet Cloak Costume

The possibilities are endless with this luxe green velvet cloak as your costume starter. Pair it with a homemade “Burn Blunts, Not Witches” sign, or build it out into a full Cannabis Sorceress look with tons of witchy accessories.

Dab Queen T-Shirt Costume

Another great option to start a creative costume with a simple tee you can wear all year round. Pair it with a crown or tiara and accessorize accordingly.

Grim Reefer Cannabis Costume

This costume hack takes a bit of imagination and DIY, but we promise it will be one you reach for year after year. Start with Amazon’s highly rated Ladies Grim Reaper costume, and add your own Cannabis themed flare. Boom! Instant Grim Reefer.

Skater Skirt and Top Cannabis Costume Set

Another awesome costume base where your own creativity is the only limitation. This Super cute skater skirt and coordinating top make the perfect canvas for your cannabis themed halloween costume. Make your own spin on the classic “Pot Brownie” costume by pairing a green french beret and DIY sash with weed-themed patches and pins. Or, jazz it up with some USA gear and an I VOTED sticker to show how you plan to head to the polls this November.

The Green Ranger

If you’re like me, growing up it was all about the Pink and Yellow Power Rangers (girl power!). This Halloween, take inspiration from the Green Ranger and put your own cannabis spin on it. This costume is brand new on Amazon this year so we hope the quality is there. Add a weed leaf design to the center of the chest plate and your gold cuffs. Now your Green Ranger takes on a whole new meaning!

Colorful Cannabis Cloak Costume

Another versatile costume starter right here. This black cloak with bright colored cannabis leaves is the perfect base for a wide range of fun, fantasy costumes for stoner girls. Add a little glow-in-the-dark paint for extra flare and pair it with a mysterious mask and you’re ready to celebrate.

Stoned 1 T-Shirt Costume

I love Dr. Seuss, and I remember back in college when the Thing 1 and Thing 2 couples / friends costumes were all the rage. Start a easy, affordable costume with this Stoned 1 shirt to put a cannabis spin on things! How cute would this be with a sparkly tutu?

This is My Stoner Costume T-Shirt

Last but not least, for the ultimate stoner girl costume, check out this T-Shirt. It really says it all! The intentions to dress in an awesome stoner costume are there, and that’s what counts. Use this T-Shirt as a talking point about how not all stoners are lazy, but that you have every right to dial it in you damn well feel like it.

So, what will you be dressing up as this year babes? 👻 Let us know down in the comments below!

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