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10 Affordable Neon-Inspired Lights to Elevate Your Chic Smoke Spot

Let’s talk about mood lighting, babes.

There’s something so powerful about setting the mood with lamps, candles, string lights and neon. It instantly elevates a space, and puts you in a mindset that’s so far from that bright office light that you can’t help but relax.

Lately I’ve been thinking about ways to elevate my smoke spot game. When I came across these faux-neon lights on Amazon, I was inspired. They’re super budget friendly, easy to mount on a wall / set up on a table, and give off such a vibey glow. What could be better?

They come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. And, can fit with so many stoner girl aesthetics. Whether your style is boho, modern, farmhouse, industrial, colorful, chill… you name it.

The hardest decision is… which one to get? At a price point of under $15 for most of ’em, I might honestly get multiple.

Neon Trees

The listing might say Christmas, but set this bb up in your stoner girl smoke spot and it becomes a symbol of our other favorite trees. The soft green glow creates the perfect stoner aesthetic. Shop it here on Amazon.

Red Lips

These lips are lovely, and we’re not just blowing smoke. Get a sexy boudoir vibe from these ones, with a warm red glow that will light up your next sesh. Shop them here on Amazon.

Witchy Moon

Not going to lie, I do feel like a modern witch with my plants, tinctures and crystals in my stoner girl sesh spot. Thats why I love this neon moon with it’s magical pink / purple glow. Shop it here on Amazon.

Sending Up Clouds

Next to the cannabis leaf, I think the cloud is my favorite stoner symbol. It’s bold shape reminds me of afternoons spent laying in the grass, staring up as clouds float by, sending up puffs of my own. Shop it here on Amazon.

Magic Unicorn

Unicorns are magic. Cannabis is magic. Therefore, a unicorn neon light is the perfect pairing for your stoner girl sesh spot. Enough said. Shop it here on Amazon.

Neon Rose

An ode to the rose; my second favorite flower. Whether this iconic symbol makes you think of Guns n Roses or Beauty and the Beast, it’s the perfect addition to your stoner girl sesh area. Shop it here on Amazon.

Rainbow Vibes

Another reminder that Earth gives us beautiful, magical things to enjoy. Blaze up under your very own rainbow. Because, why not? Shop it here on Amazon.

Hello, High

Why don’t I have this yet?! But actually. Shop it here on Amazon.

Best Friend

Do you love to blaze, and your cat is your best friend? Then this neon is for YOU! Shop it here on Amazon.

Pineapple Express

Shout out to one of the greatest cannabis strains there ever was. And I LOVE me some Seth Rogan. Shop it here on Amazon.

Which neon will be on your stoner girl wish list, babes? Let us know in the comments, and tag us on instagram @heyhello.high so we can see how you style ’em in your space!

Items above may contain affiliate links, meaning they support our blog when you make a purchase (at no extra cost to you.) Thanks for supporting the brands that support our business!

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