7 Tasty Foods that Elevate the Positive Effects of Cannabis

Snacks that are healthy, yummy AND enhance the cannabis experience? Sign us up!

In our ongoing search for the perfect cure for the munchies, these healthy treats can’t be beat. Some might seem a little strange, but bear with us. Each snack boasts healthy benefits, and when paired with cannabis those positive attributes are even more amplified.

The best part? None of these snacks are crazy exotic, either. You most likely have some – or most – in your fridge already! So, next time to head to the kitchen for something to eat after you smoke, consider one of these (super)foods. Your body will thank you.

Chocolate 🍫

Let’s not save the best for last, shall we? How delicious is a bite of chocolate with your cannabis. Seriously – whether you like dark, milk, white or pure cacao, you can’t go wrong. Chocolate contains a compound called anandamide, which creates a blissful feeling upon consumption. Yep, we can confirm! This compound also is found in cannabis, so when the two are paired together, your brain receptors get hit with a double bliss bomb. Some experts say this is why chocolate-y edibles like pot brownies can give us the most euphoric high. So basically, you have our permission to stock the pantry with chocolate and reach for it first next time you’re high. You heard it here first.

Coffee ☕️

Name a better wake and bake combo – we’ll wait. The buzz from coffee and the calming effects from cannabis make for the perfect pairing. Medically coffee won’t enhance your high, but the flavors and feelings when enjoyed together with cannabis are just great. Have you tried different strains of cannabis with different roasts of coffee? This could make for a very fun experiment. And, there are all kinds of Hemp and CBD coffee available on the market today that deliver a smooth, less-jittery buzz for when you can’t get “high” but are looking for cannabis’ medicinal effects. Either way, if it’s early in the day for you to have caffeine, pour a little coffee with your cannabis consumption method of choice and enjoy.

Tea 🍵

Keeping the cannabis + beverage pairing train going! There are so many types of tea out there, each with their own medicinal effects, just like cannabis. According to science, one of the antioxidants found in many teas works some extra magic, too. Called catechin, this antioxidant works with weed’s various cannabinoids to chill out our brain’s receptors into a peaceful state. Namaste! This sounds lovely, doesn’t it – especially with all the craziness in the world right now.

Broccoli 🥦

Ok, ready to get even more science-y? This one sounds gross, but the benefits are in broccoli’s betas. The beta caryophyllenes inside this green veggie have been shown reduce physical pain and inflammation. They work this magic by teaming up with the cannabinoids found in cannabis. So next time you’re high, reach for some crunchy broccoli and do your body good! Dip fresh florets in some ranch, dice it up into a salad, or roast it with some garlic and chili flakes for a snappy snack.

Sweet Potatoes 🍠

Here’s another interesting one. Sweet potatoes are chock-full of Vitamin E & B. Both magic vitamins have big impacts on your serotonin. Guess what else does, too? If you guessed weed, you’d be right! Cannabinoids found in cannabis also have influence on serotonin production. So next time you light up, snack on some sweet taters and enjoy sunny effects on your mood.

Mango 🥭

Have you heard this one before, babes? It’s a relatively popular “weed rumor” that eating mango will get you more high. High levels of myrcene terpenes found in this fancy fruit ~allegedly~ bind with your THC receptors. This helps the effects of cannabis come on more quickly, and last longer. Some even say that they feel “higher” after eating mango alongside consuming cannabis. How cool is that? Mango is so tasty so whether or not you feel these special effects, you’ll enjoy this healthy snack in a big way.

Kombucha 🍹

Shout out to the booch! A good source of probiotics and antioxidants, people swear by the medicinal benefits of Kombucha. Sources also cite that Kombucha can kill bacteria and help manage / protect against a wide range of diseases and cancers. When paired with cannabis, the medicinal effects of both are elevated. And, that’s awesome. Most grocery stores carry Kombucha, but in case you’re in an area where it’s not readily available, you can order our favorite brand Health-Aide here on Amazon.

Which healthy and elevating snacks will you try first? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This information is for entertainment purposes and should not be considered medical advice in any way. Some links may be affiliate links meaning you support our blog at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping us keep the lights on. Much love 💚

2 thoughts on “7 Tasty Foods that Elevate the Positive Effects of Cannabis

    1. Hey Andrew, that’s an awesome question. I looked into it more and sources recommend herbal-infused teas – especially those with a specific terpene known as pinene (found in bay, thyme, and sage) that helps the body absorb cannabinoids much faster / easier.

      Also check out tea with lemon basil, lemon thyme or lemongrass – those herbs contain limonene which is linked with a reduction in depression and anxiety.



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