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10 Examples of Elevated Stoner Girl Wall Art (…These Posters Don’t Need a Blacklight to Look Great)

When someone says “stoner poster,” what comes to mind? If you went to college in the 90s-00s, some specific imagery probably pops up.

Let me guess… Are you thinking of something with a lot of neon, psychedelic patterns, that is fuzzy and glows under UV light? Was it purchased at Spencer’s Gifts?

Does it look something like this trippy Bob Ross poster below?

This Bob Ross fuzzy blacklight art gives a new meaning to “Happy Trees.” Honestly I kind of love it. Shop it here on Amazon.

For most of recent stoner decor history, those were our options. Under the best circumstances, our choices were “Psychedelic Happy Face with Pot Leaves and a Bong” or “Periodic Table of Weed.” Well, not anymore!

Cannabis enthusiasts / artists are really upping their game, and coming out with affordable and super high-end looking prints. We’re talking serious wall art that we’d be proud to put up in our adult abodes.

Thinking to yourself, “No way would I frame my love for cannabis and showcase it my home?” Many of these prints are so fun and subtle – only a fellow stoner girl would even catch the reference. Others make a big statement. Either way, we say: Decks the walls! ✌🏽🌿

Beneficial Insects: Heroes of the Cannabis Garden Art Print

If you’re a fan of the plant, you’ll definitely want to celebrate the bugs that support it! This poster is designed to showcase the colorful critters that protect cannabis that grows wild. It’s vintage botany poster style would be perfect in a mid-century modern or boho space. It’s printed on on thick, museum-quality paper stock using ultra high-quality press for beautiful color. Shop it here on Amazon.

Cannababes 3-Picture Print Set

How awesome is this print set by BlueCoffeeArts on Etsy? The artist says, “Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking weed and observing as far as my eye can see…” I feel relaxed and ready for a staycation just looking at these prints. Note – instant download, no physical prints will be shipped. Shop them here on Etsy.

Wake & Bake Printable Poster

This adorable print is delivered via instant download, which makes it an affordable option for any stoner girl who wants to liven up her space. Perfect for your kitchen or breakfast nook, this print features a pink and purple motif with cannabis leaf teacup design. How cute would this look right above your Keurig? Shop it here on Etsy and support an independent artist, too.

Pot Head Garden Girl Poster

Remember when “Pot Head” used to be a diss? This poster takes back that term with statement art you’d be proud to hang in your home. And, who doesn’t love a good pun? This poster features an earthy, green, muted motif. It’s perfect for stoner girls with a modern glam or Art Deco style. Shop it here on Amazon.

Bud Embroidery Wall Art

Ok, now this one is cool. Embroidery is back in style in a big way. Straight from an independent Etsy shop, now you can get your hands on a one-of-a-kind custom piece of wall art. Measuring 4 inches in diameter, the artists embroidered cannabis nugs are designed with detail and care to resemble the strain of your choosing. From jack herer, to purple haze, to desert cookies, she can stitch them all. Why pick just one when you can have a set for a real statement wall? Shop here on Etsy.

Frida Kahlo Inspired Jungle & Joint Print on Canvas

The rave reviews on Amazon say it all for this one. “I am an art collector and my daughter has inherited my love for beautiful things on her walls. She has recently developed a love for all things Frida Kahlo. She saw this print and asked for it for Christmas. For the price, I wasn’t expecting much – boy was I surprised when I open this to frame it. The colors are brilliant and the canvas is sturdy but pliable enough so that framing was easy. I am actually going to buy one for me.” Shop this stunning print on canvas here.

Vincent Van Joint Art

Looking for a stoner spin on classic style? Check out this reimagining of the classic Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers series. This bright, punchy piece of art would look great in a home with midcentury modern or boho style. It will add that subtle stoner girl appeal to any space, while saying “I appreciate art.” Shop it here on Amazon.

Good Girls Smoking Green on Tennis Court Photography Print

Ok so this print is actually titled “Bad Girls Smoking on Tennis Court” but I decided to re-name it. I’m imagining two friends who are about to start a friendly tennis match. (They’re definitely about to play, because their hair is WAY too perfect to be having a celebratory smoke after). Before they hit the courts, they’re toking up a nice Sativa to give them a boost of energy and a clear mind to be on the top of their game. Nothing bad going on here, just a couple of recreational users, & players! Shop this print on Amazon.

Cannabis Goddess Print Set

Another amazing piece of art from an independent Etsy seller! Cannabis Sativa and Indica goddess prints created in the art deco style of Aubrey Beardsley. Due to the popularity of these prints, they’re now offered as a set at a reduced price! We love how they look paired in simple black frames, next to each other or stacked. Shop them here on Etsy.

Retro Assassin of Youth Print

Created in the retro “Reefer Madness” style of the 1930s, this poster is a great way to recognize and create a discussion around outdated Cannabis mindsets and biases. While legalization continues to gain wider acceptance, many still hold the similar outdated views. This cool poster is great for fans of retro horror movies, and it also holds some deeper meaning, too. Shop it here on Amazon.

What do you think, babes? Do these pieces of art change your mind about cannabis decor? Let us know in the comments below!

Items above may contain affiliate links, meaning they support our blog when you make a purchase (at no extra cost to you.) Thanks for helping us keep the lights on!

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