8 Awesome Ashtrays to Upgrade Your Stoner Girl Home Style

There’s something so retro-cool about a fancy ashtray. They come in so many styles, colors and designs these days. Some are even like a work of art!

I love to style mine in the bathroom to hold my rings, in an entry way to toss my keys, or outside on my patio as an actual smoking accessory.

Especially if you’re into eclectic / retro decor like me, styling with an ashtray is a must. They’re really so versatile, and add an element of edgy style to any space.

Here are a few stoner girl ashtray designs I’m loving these days. All can be easily shopped on Amazon in a couple clicks! Buy one for yourself, or your stoner BFF. And let me know in the comments below which ashtray design you like the best.

Palm Springs Pink Flamingo Ashtray

Seriously, how cute is this pink flamingo ashtray? For any stoner girl with preppy, girly style, this is a must. It would even make a cute planter, don’t you think? Shop the Pink Flamingo Ashtray here on Amazon for $20.99.

Ace of Hearts Ashtray

This adorable ashtray is serving me Alice in Wonderland vibes. It would be perfect for an eclectic home style and would look amazing on a side table next to a real deck of cards. You’d be so ready for game night! If we can ever socialize in big groups again, lol. Shop the Ace of Hearts ashtray on Amazon for $12.99.

Boobies Ashtray

Boobs are the decor trend of 2020, you heard it here first. I’m seeing them everywhere – bath mats, wall art, embroidery, and now ashtrays! So amazing, and the perfect way to show your stoner girl pride with a bold statement piece. Shop the Boobies Ashtray on Amazon for $21.45.

High Again Ashtray

We’re big fans of this ashtray here at HeyHelloHigh, for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love a fun, friendly weed pun? This ashtray is perfect for greeting guests / welcoming you home on an entry way table. It makes the perfect spot to drop keys, hand sanitizer, you name it. Shop the High Again Ashtray on Amazon for $14.95.

Medicine Bottle Ashtray

Ok, this one is super clever. You know we believe Cannabis is medicine, so this prescription bottle inspired ashtray is just awesome. It’s even detailed with clever copy in the style of a real label on the bottle. Click here to read the full copy here and shop the Medicine Bottle Ashtray for $11.95 on Amazon.

Moroccan Metal Ashtray

Boho babes, this one is for you. This metal ashtray has beautiful detail and a moroccan-inspired style. The poker in the middle is super convenient for cleaning out your bowl. Talk about a decor piece that works double duty! It would also be cute in a bathroom to store rings on the poker part. Shop the Moroccan Metal Ashtray on Amazon for $14.99.

Grandma Chic Ashtray

I heard the term “grandmillenial” for the first time on Instagram, and I just love it. Needlepoint is back in, gardening is cool (always has been) and I sip tea with the best of them. So, this Grandma Chic ashtray is absolutely perfect for my aesthetic. This ashtray would be cute just about anywhere in the home, and the white and gold detail is really stunning. Shop the Grandma Chic Ashtray on Amazon for $9.99.

Purple Lips Ashtray

This ashtray is a classic, and I see it all the time in pink. I recently came across the purple version of the lips ashtray, which I think is even more chic. The color is vibrant, and the design is very unique. This would be a statement piece in any stoner girl’s home. Shop the Purple Lips Ashtray here on Amazon for $12.54.

BONUS: Vintage Windproof Ashtray

Ok I know I said this would be a roundup of 8 ashtrays but a stoner girl posted a picture of this one on Reddit and I stopped dead in my tracks. How cool is this?! The top flips open revealing an ash catcher, then closes tightly and looks like a piece of fancy decor on your shelf. Reviewers agree and say “Absolutely beautiful in person! Fantastic quality, good weight to it so it won’t knock over. Very happy with this purchase, most elegant ashtray I’ve ever seen!” Shop the Vintage Windproof Ashtray here on Amazon for $16.55.

Keep blazing & stay amazing, babes. This post contains affiliate links which supports our womxn owned business at no extra cost to you. Thanks for shopping, we ❤ you!

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