Stoner Girls Guide To Current Netflix Reality Shows

Netflix has been doing a great job keeping us entertained while we stay home. With so many good options we had to break down our favorites into multiple categories. First, we brought you the best new comedies and now we present our favorite new Netflix reality shows! Whether you enjoy trashy reality, educational or documentaries we’ve included a little bit of everything.

Roll up, get your snacks and your White Claw and get ready because these shows will have you glued to your couch…..for another few days at least!


Love Is Blind

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Love is Blind is a dating reality series that premiered on Netflix in Feb 2020. Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never seen? I”m not sure if I have a clear answer and I’m not even sure how good the show actually is but I know I want you to watch it so we can text in all caps about it…..”OMG JESSICA”! The show follows what ends up being 6 couples as they date various people through a wall (in a “pod”) and end up together. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry….from laughing and maybe you’ll find it touching. Perfect show to light one up and watch while testing your bestie. Let us know in the comment your favorite couple!



The Goop Lab

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Ever thought about what it would be like to take peyote in Jamaica? Do you think energy can heal you? Well roll a fatty and get ready as you follow the employees of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle and wellness company. This 6 episode documentary was entertaining, thought-provoking and certainly introduced me to some new topics.


Sex Explained

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Ever wonder why you’re attracted to someone on a biological level? Curious to know the science behind sexual fantasies? This show explains and explores the nuances of five different topics relating to sex. I am personally not a huge fan of educational documentaries while high but this one I for sure enjoyed! These episodes are short and perfect to pack a bowl or a bong and enjoy in between cleaning your house. Or roll a joint and enjoy them all in one sitting. 


Social Experiment 

The Circle 

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This show turned out to be quite interesting. Much like Love Is Blind in this show the players are not allowed to see each other. In this show, the players communicate via virtual reality. Some players play as themselves, however, others decide to catfish and play using someone else photos. It’s crazy that we’re at ta point in the world where if you choose you can be someone completely different online. Proving you never really know who you’re talking to online this show will have you yelling “NOOO WAYYYY” and taking hits hoping your fav (Chris/Sammie) takes home the prize and doesn’t get BLOCKED. Comment below on who your favorite is!




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Ready?! OK! In this 6 part docuseries, Netflix follows the elite collegiate cheerleading squad from Navarro College as they prep for an upcoming competition. Cheer, certainly gives you a different insight on how hard these athletes work on and off the mat. If you don’t think you have to be athletic to cheer or if you don’t think cheerleading is a sport they show might certainly change your mind. You’ll watch as these college students push their bodies to the absolute limits, train with injuries, and strive for perfection for a sport and a coach they love. you’ll fall in love with the team, you’ll feel the heartbreak, you’ll celebrate their successes, and you’ll want to start working on your toe touch.

****Disclaimer… Please do not get high and attempt to cheerleading stunts in your living room… We predict this will not end well.



Instant Hotel 

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Technically this is not a new show but I feel like a lot of people haven’t heard of it yet. This is an Australian reality show that follows homeowners that have turned their space into what is essentially an Airbnb. All the contestants take turns staying in each other’s Airbnb’s and judging based on previously set criteria. I think any show where people are put on TV to ask to judge each other is going to be hilarious… And the Australian accents really add something special. This show is fun, lighthearted and will certainly have you giggling! Also, there are two seasons out so it’s perfect when you have a few hours to kill.



Miss America 

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Miss Americana follows singer-songwriter Taylor Swift through several years of her career. Swift fan or not this doc gives great insight into what life is really like on the end of so much criticism. I found it interesting to hear from the Singer herself about some of the issues we’ve only seen from the fan/media side. I loved watching Taylor’s creative process as she wrote her last album and we get an insight into what goes into the songs we all love. Certainly not a documentary to mess if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, but even if you’re not this was definitely an enjoyable one!


Feel Good Watch Again

Queer Eye

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Certainly not new to Netflix but may be new to you this show follows the Fab five as they challenge stereotypes and change people’s lives people in this group of men demonstrate that weird and different is OK he loved for exactly who you are. They never tried to change the person working with but simply enhance them, and I love that! If you haven’t seen this show already it’s perfect to roll a blunt and binge-watch!


Being stuck at home for a month wasn’t in our plans either but we hope these suggestions help keep you entertained for at least a few hours! What’s your preferred show category? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram @HeyHello.High!

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