Seven Fun Video Chat Backgrounds for Your Virtual 420 Smoke Sesh

Four twenty is here! It’s April 2020, aka the ultimate 420 and a month I’ve been looking forward to for a looooong time.

But, things are a little different (tbh, VERY different) than I expected.

Instead of planning a big 420 event, I’m social distancing. I’m still rolling joints, but also rationing rolls of toilet paper. Even though the collective mood is more “global pandemic” than “party”, I think we should still find it in us to celebrate.

You may already be using video apps to connect with friends & family during this strange time. So, instead of canceling your 420 plans altogether, why not take them online with a virtual smoke sesh?

Any video chat software will work, but I suggest setting up a free Zoom account (or finding a friend that has one through work). Why you might ask? Because, custom backgrounds!

Without further ado, here are…

7 fun backgrounds you can use for your next virtual smoke sesh

For directions on how to load these up once you’re on the video call, click here. To create your own, here’s a handy template.


Lovely leaves

like, whatever (1).png


Party Banner

like, whatever (4).png


Patio Goals

like, whatever (6).png


Green Metalic Fringe

like, whatever (5).png


Fields of Flower

like, whatever (2).png


Third Eye Vibes

like, whatever.png


Blaze for the Holidaze

like, whatever (3).png

Are you planning any virtual smoke seshes this month, babes? Or celebrating in some other awesome way? Let me know in the comments below!

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