Festival Pro-Tips from a Cannabis Fashion Queen

With another crazy summer festival season coming in hot, it’s the perfect time to think about how to upgrade your game from last year.

We sat down with Elle, the creator of Lifted Karma Project, to hear about what trend’s she’s seeing, from fashion to how to stash your stuff through security.

Hi, Elle! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You went to quite a few music festivals last season — so fun. What were some of the best cannabis fashion trends you saw?

We wore costumes often and this one girl had a flower crown for her hair with cannabis fan leaves in it- I thought that was epic! I also saw glow in the dark body paint in cannabis leaves, I’m thinking of ways to step up that game for next year already!


Weed flower crown? Epic. (Photo: CannaSOS)


What’s a festival style pro-tip to show your love of cannabis but still keeping it classy?

Well, Lifted Karma Project has a great collection of classy canna chic jewelry! 🙂 I think the cannabis plant is classy by nature- so highlighting the plant tastefully and authentic to you makes wearing cannabis innately classy.

We love this Coral Druzy Pendant with Marijuana Charm from Lifted Karma (SHOP)

One major struggle we always have is getting your medicine into the festival or show. Any tips on how to conceal your cannabis through security?

Yes! First of all, edibles are always a clutch way to go if you can bring in outside food. If not, candies or something small is great for stashing in places and don’t raise too much concern at initial glance. I also have a purse where the liner is detached and I can store things between the purse and liner, this is great for security searches. Also, I have been known to stash joints in tubes and put them in my bra, or stash them in Sharpies for a single night show. Disposable vape pens are great for convenience and discreetness- easy to take a toke no matter where you are.


Sharpie stash pen? Genius.


Any favorite festi sesh spots to smoke up at shows?

That is very dependent on the venue in my opinion. For Summer Meltdown it was everywhere because the whole festival was set up for people to “melt” (aka be on drugs) and the policy was lenient. For consuming on the go, my absolute favorite is Switch Blaze – I’m obsessed!

I have also been to shows where it’s very hard to find a spot and I always advocate for safety first- never try to consume if the venue is hard to get a private spot, it’s just not worth it.


Always find a safe spot to sesh. (Photo: Herb.co)


— — —

Thanks to Elle for sharing her festival wisdom! Support her shop online at Lifted Karma Project, and be sure to follow her on Instagram at @lifted_karma_elleHave a question or comment for Elle? Post a note below!👇

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