Blunt Babes: Victoria from New York


In today’s Blunt Babes hot seat we’re joined by Victoria from New York. She’s a social cannabis consumer, loves a good sesh in some hot weather and her favorite stoner celeb knows how to seriously make us laugh.

Thanks for sharing with us, Victoria!

What is the main reason you consume cannabis?

I usually just smoke to pass the time with friends. However, I have realized that it helps with getting a better night’s sleep 😴

What is your favorite strain of cannabis & why?

Whatever one is the one that doesn’t make you sleepy, that’s the one I like. (We guess that Victoria loves to smoke on an energizing Sativa strain!)

How do you usually smoke it?

Usually joints or a piece. Mostly joints though. 💨

What is your favorite smoke spot?

Anywhere where the weather is warm and the sun is beating down on my face.

What are your triggers for smoking pot?

I don’t think I have any.

What time of day do you normally smoke?

Socially 👯

Which do you prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles?

Er I’m not sure. I’m not that much of a pothead I guess!

What’s your favorite marijuana memory?

Oh man, I have many. I would have to say the one time I was with my cousin watching Spongebob and we literally could not stop laughing the whole time. 😂

When did you first start smoking?

Probably around 20-21.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that smokes weed and why?


Thanks for being blunt, Victoria! Have a lady stoner that you’d like to nominate to share her story on HeyHelloHigh? Or, want to get blunt with us yourself?! Leave a comment below.

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