Products We Love: Saber Vape Pen

After returning from a recent trip to LA, California with a jar of some delicious wax to try I was thrilled to have the Saber Vape Pen to test out with it.  The Saber is equipped with a dual quartz rod coil and stands at 4.7 inches high, with a slim matte black design. The top and the charger connect magnetically making cleaning and charging fairly easy. There are three temperature setting which I found to be a great feature. They also provide a ceramic donut coil to switch out as you wish.

saber-vape-pen-kit-for-wax.jpgWith very little experience with wax pens, I did my due diligence reading up on the pen
before trying it myself. I have to admit I was a little intimidated but I was surprised at how easy it is to use. After experimenting a bit I figured out that I prefer to smoke at a lower heat setting, I find I like the taste better at a lower temp.

This pen came with everything I needed to get started. Although this is my first wax pen I’ve owned I don’t see a need for me to ever buy another one. I would fully recommend this product to anyone looking for slim/discrete wax pen. Newbies and experienced smokers alike will enjoy this pen.

You can buy this pen HERE at NYVapeshop

Be sure to use our code HEYHELLOHIGH at checkout for a special gift for HHH followers!







*This pen was supplied by NYVapeshop, however, all opinions are our own.







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