Blunt Babes: Kelsey from New York


Normalizing stoner girl culture starts one Blunt Babe at a time. Next up in our series of interviews with women about their relationship with weed is Kelsey from New York.

Ready to hear her favorite strain, sesh spot & stoner celeb? Read on!

What is the main reason you smoke weed? Is it recreational or medicinal for you?

I smoke recreationally but I strongly believe that smoking helps with my anxiety and depression. I find that the times I usually smoke are when I’m feeling off with my mental health and need to relax and stop overthinking / stressing over little things.

What is your favorite strain of cannabis & why?

Girl Scout Cookies 🍪💚 The effects are the most calming of any strain I’ve had, but at the same time it doesn’t make me feel sluggish. GSC never fails to make me happy and carefree while still being able to concentrate and be productive.

How do you usually smoke it?

Pipes, always pipes. Specifically bubblers.

What is your favorite smoke spot?

My bedroom. Preferably with my dogs lying next to me with some stupid show playing on Netflix. It’s my safe space, I guess you could say.

What are your triggers for smoking pot?

A stressful day at work! Some days I count the minutes until I can get home and smoke.

What time of day do you normally smoke?

I usually smoke solo, simply because I’m pretty introverted and don’t hang out with people very often. I also feel that when I’m smoking with others, it’s very easy to ruin my high because I get annoyed pretty easily with people 🙅🏻

I like to smoke at any time of day, but I ALWAYS smoke right before bed 💤 or else I have trouble sleeping. I also always smoke as soon as I get home from work. I also find I like to smoke before running errands, everything is a little better when you’re high for it. 😉

Which do you prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles?

Flower 🌿I always know what I’m going to get, and it’s easy. I like concentrates, but never seem to be able to get my hands on any. I also find I react differently to concentrate every time I use it, so I’m never sure if it’ll make me comatose for the day or have me talking up a storm. Not a fan of edibles, they never hit me.

What’s your favorite cannabis related memory?

Every time any friend of mine smoked for the first time. I love being the person to introduce someone to weed. I love seeing someone get stoned for the first time and act like a fool (in a fun and safe way of course), I love being the one that people trust to have their first experience with. I honestly don’t have a specific weed memory that I love most, I love every marijuana memory!

When did you first start smoking?

In high school I smoked occasionally, with friends on the weekend sometimes. I’d say it wasn’t until college that I became a full-blown pothead.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that smokes weed and why?

RIHANNA. Because it’s Rihanna. ‘Nuff said. You can always catch her looking flawless with a blunt in her hand as her best accessory.

Thanks for being blunt, Olivia! Have a cannababe that you’d like to nominate to share her story on HeyHelloHigh? Or, would you like to get blunt with us?! Leave a comment below.

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