Could Cannabis Cure Your Worst Hangover? Studies Say YES

Calling all party girls! This one is a complete game-changer.

If even just hearing the word “hangover” sends a shock of panic through your body, you’re not alone. To me, the word brings up memories of many mornings spent struggling with a pounding headache, upset stomach, sore body, anxious feeling and a general sense of regret. No fun.

Now that I’m in my late 20s, the punishment for a night out of partying is a lot worse, so I tend to be more cautious — I stick to clear liquor, avoid shots at all cost, pace myself with water and (almost) always say no to after party invites.

But every now and then, a wild party night takes me by surprise and the morning after struggle is SO real. Thankfully, that’s where my love of cannabis has completely changed the game.

Major hangover mood.

Cannabis for Hangovers

The first and most important thing to realize about cannabis in this context is that while many people consider it an intoxicant like alcohol, the true value of cannabis is in its properties as a medicine. In cannabis and hemp plants there is a natural compound called cannabidiol (CBD) that’s non-psychoactive (aka – won’t make you high) and is known to ease pain, calm anxiety, inhibit cancer cell growth, and slow seizures in epileptic patients. According to recent Cannabis Cannabinoid Research, CBD can also cure a variety of headache conditions, which can be one of the most debilitating parts of any hangover.

How could CBD help stop your next hangover in its tracks? Here are some proven ways to harness the power of cannabis to start feeling better, stat.

Hydrate with CBD water

A lot of that hangover agony you’re feeling is from dehydration. But why spend all day chugging H20 and waiting for results? By using a high-quality CBD tincture to add a couple droppers of CBD extract to your water, you can enjoy cannabis’ anti-inflammatory effects and anxiety soothing properties while you rehydrate your body.

Consume a high CBD strain

Not all cannabis is created equal! While many people love the strong head high buzz from THC when they’re hungover, not all of us want that feeling while we’re recovering. Instead of a high THC strain, opt for a high CBD, low THC strain for more of a relaxed body high.

And when it comes to consuming your cannabis, don’t fight rolling papers or setting up your bulky bong when you’re feeling under the weather. A vape for cannabis flower is the perfect way to smoke your green quickly and with very little work. Simply grind up your cannabis, pop it into the vape chamber, and turn the battery on to smoke.

Enjoy some edibles

If you want to consume cannabis to cure your hangover but don’t want to smoke, edibles are a great way to go. Again, opt for less THC and more CBD in your candies or infused snacks, or choose a relaxing CBD gummy for optimal recovery. Keep in mind that edibles can take up to 3 or 4 hours to kick in, so start with a small dose and give your body time to process.

Rest and relax

Once you’ve consumed your cannabis, CBD oil or edibles, now it’s time to rest and relax to let your body fight your hangover. Get comfy on the couch or in your bed, put on some Netflix and kick back. Like anything else, cannabis isn’t an instant fix, but it truly is your best choice to actually “cure” your hangover so you can get on with your day.

Keep in mind, the U.S. government makes it very tough to conduct cannabis research, so we’re not able to say with 100% certainty that CBD cures hangovers. But in terms of squashing your worst hangover symptoms, CBD might be the closest we’ll get to a miracle cure. The best way to learn what works for you is to ask friends what works for them, do a bit of searching yourself, and try out what you’re comfortable with.

Tell us — how have you combatted your worst hangovers with cannabis? Leave us a comment below! 🍻🌿✌️

4 thoughts on “Could Cannabis Cure Your Worst Hangover? Studies Say YES

    1. Yes! We’ve heard that too. I personally love a couple drops of CBD to ease the anxious feeling after a night of drinking. I find it works wonders for me. – BJ


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