Blunt Babes: Brigid from New York


Welcome back to our Blunt Babes series. This week we spoke with another female cannabis consumer, profiling each her pot preferences, stoner stories, and favorite ways to consume. Thank you to Brigid from New York for chatting with us & helping normalize the culture around women & weed.

What is the main reason you smoke weed? Is it recreational or medicinal for you?

I have PTSD and chronic pain so I have a prescription [for medical marijuana] but I also do enjoy smoking with friends and at parties.

What is your favorite strain of cannabis & why?

I really like headband a lot and gorilla glue 🦍 My goal when I smoke is pain relief as well as mood elevation so I really like strains that make me giggle a lot and just feel good.

How do you usually smoke it?

I probably smoke out of a bong the most because it makes my bud last longer but my preference is a joint or blunt.

What is your favorite smoke spot?

My favorite smoke spot is probably my backyard at the table. It’s a good spot for everyone to gather around. In the winter I like to smoke in my room with my SAD lamp on to get a little vitamin D ☀️

What are your triggers for smoking pot?

Stress and pain. Emotional and physical.

What time of day do you normally smoke?

I smoke all day throughout the day ⏰

Which do you prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles?

All three are good. My preference would be to eat a brownie, smoke a joint, and do a dab:)

What’s your favorite marijuana memory?

So many good times connected to cannabis. Breaking a 4-month tolerance break with my sister at a nature preserve, hotboxing my best friends car in Rochester just the two of us with a blunt.

When did you first start smoking?

First time ever was when I was 17 but I first started smoking daily when I was 20.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that smokes weed and why?

Rihanna because she’s my mother ✌🏽

Thanks for being blunt with us, Brigid! Have a stoner girl that you’d like to see share on HeyHelloHigh? Or, want to get blunt with us yourself?! Leave a comment below.

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