Blunt Babes: Olivia from New York

Imagine a world where every cannababe can be her best self, living a life that’s honest, authentic and free of the stigma that comes with being a female smoker.

Even with legalization slowly rolling out across the U.S., we still have a long way to go before we get there. But with every woman that’s willing to come out of the cannabis closet and say that she smokes, we make a little progress.

That’s why we decided to get out there and interview friends, family & strangers from all walks of life. These brave souls were willing to bare all, be blunt, and share their stoner stories with us.

Stay tuned for our weekly Blunt Babes series, profiling each woman’s unique preferences, stories and stoner goals. First up? Olivia from New York. Thanks for being our first brave, blunt babe Olivia! 👏🏽 Let’s get right into it.

What is the main reason you smoke weed? Is it recreational or medicinal for you?

I have ADD and anxiety and I found out after I finished college. I just thought something was wrong but was too afraid to get the diagnosis. To cope, I found that cannabis slowed my brain down from a million thoughts a minute to one or two. It helped me slow down enough to finish a task without getting so distracted. I also love to go for hikes and toke with my friends from a recreational standpoint.

What is your favorite strain of cannabis & why?

Blue dream. You get that body high with an amazing cerebral high. I actually named my Jeep after it! (Because she’s blue and my dream car, haha 🚙)

How do you usually smoke it?

Joints. It’s not practical because I run out of weed all the time but I just love the process. I get my Juicy Jay mint rolling papers and carefully roll my joints – the act of sitting with a jay watching the sunrise/sunset really creates an amazing vibe to start and end the day.

What is your favorite smoke spot?

Out on the beach 🌊

What are your triggers for smoking pot?

Mostly my anxiety. I don’t have social anxiety but I tend to put too much on my plate, the urge to please everyone while still keeping my own sanity is sometimes a bit much to deal with.

What time of day do you normally smoke?

On the weekends I try to hit the sunrise with a friend but mostly after a long work day I need to have that cheap vacation frank ocean sings about 🌅

Which do you prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles?

I honestly love them all. I use concentrates for things like festivals and concerts because it’s easy to get in; Flower for smoking at home and nature walks; and edibles for celebrations!

What’s your favorite marijuana memory?

Sitting on a Beach in San Diego watching the sunset as I smoked my first moonrock blunt.

When did you first start smoking?

The first time I ever smoked was with the cutest guy in my PR class freshman year of college 🌿 But it was only on the occasion. I started smoking regularly when I graduated and had to join “Corporate America”.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that smokes weed and why?

Rihanna, hands down. She’s just so freekin elegant and talented I can’t get over it. My best friend and I have a pact that if either of us get famous, we’re going to figure out how to meet her and be friends. That’s our No. 1 goal!

Thanks for being blunt, Olivia! Have a cannababe that you’d like to nominate to share her story on HeyHelloHigh? Or, would you like to get blunt with us?! Leave a comment below.

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