ROLL WITH THE FLOW: How to use cannabis to ease the pain of your period

The thing about women is, we are pretty magical creatures. We wake up at 6am, make sure the kids are fed and out the door, we work overtime, we throw ourselves whole heartily into our work, we grow entire human beings inside of our bodies, put our bodies through the unthinkable to bring said humans into the world, and then we get right back up and keep going. And once a month we get a reminder of the pain we can overcome. The pain, the cramps, the bloating, the breakouts, every month.

Weed, while something widely considered as something that makes rebellious teenagers stupid and lazy, is actually an amazing plant. For the business women of the world, they thought about how many different ways marijuana is used medically and conjured up more than one magical solution to period pains using weed. There are marijuana pain melts, cannabis-infused coconut oils, and countless other things to help relieve the pain. (Check out our article on weed stem tea!)

Now for those of you who want to just keep trying smaller remedies, there are a million Pot-Cured-My-Cramps-Man-Repeller-1DIY cannabis infused product recipes out there, which require hours of patience and waiting. But for those of you who want results now, you can try Foria’s Cannabis Suppository. However, understand now that for $44, you only get 4. They are probably the farthest thing from cheap, but they are a godsend. The details on this product are pretty specific so for more information on these, you can click this link and check out more. ( )

You can also try Whoopi Goldberg’s Lavender Bath Salts, which at a much cheaper price ($15-$20) suggests that you use the whole container at once in your bath but DO NOT. The salts are incredibly potent and the relief can last many hours. You should also scrub down the tub after as it tends to get slippery. Goldberg and her partner also created THC- chocolate, which gives the same effect as a pot-brownie, but it eases the pain very well. Price ranges from $14-$30 depending on size and where you get it. You can also add it to a cup of hot chocolate, however, you will most likely get high and need to just chill for a while.

For a last minute relief on the way to work or a meeting, try CBD Oil. A few drops beneath your tongue produces relief in less than 10 minutes but doesn’t leave the high, period-cramps-foria-relief-weed-lube-1453999246.jpgbuzzed type of feeling. You get the pain relief without losing the ability to be on your ‘A’ game. However, its $60 an ml, so hopefully that job you’re heading to pays well.

Even though more than 50% of women have to deal with the frustration of a monthly week of pain and mood swings, we don’t have to give up and just settle for Advil and a hot water bottle. If rolling up a regular blunt works for you, then three cheers to that sis, but if you’re looking for a little more help with pain relief, try some of these! Order a pizza, rent a movie, roll a blunt, and slip on some sweats ladies, it’s time to embrace our T.O.M.



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