High Thoughts from the Cannababe Community Vol. 1

If high twitter isn’t a thing yet, it definitely should be. Some seriously funny thoughts and questions about life & the universe seem to come up when we’re lifted, and for these ladies below, it’s no exception.

Once you get a toke of some magical marijuana even the most mundane tasks and thoughts can be opened up and explored in our high brains. I’d say our president does the same but I think that would be an insult to cannabis strains everywhere. This week we searched the interweb for women tweeting their innermost “high thoughts”.

Take a look!

Back to the future:


Honestly, same though:


Bath time:

Eating competition:


Massage places:

Flying off the toilet:


What was she smoking and where can we get some?

Spelling lessons:


With gold like this, why wouldn’t everyone want to be high while they tweet? 😂 Think you can outdo them? Comment your funniest high thoughts below!👇🏽

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