Here’s a Map of the U.S. States that Legalized Weed

We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s great to see the U.S. starting to go green.

Check out the most up-to-date marijuana map below to see what states have legalized cannabis recreationally, which states have legalized cannabis medically, which states legalized CBD oils and edibles medically, and which states need to elevate their game.

It’s important to note, however, that in the United States the use and possession of cannabis is still illegal under federal law for any reason, because of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. So not only do many U.S. states conflict with each other on lifting cannabis prohibition as you can see below, but most states are disagreeing with federal law, too.

Map – State Marijuana Legalization in 2018

via Wikipedia (Updated February 2018)


What states legalized marijuana for recreational use?

In the states below, marijuana is fully legalized for adults (over 21) recreational use. In any federal enclave in these states, though, cannabis is still illegal.

WA Washington Recreational
VT Vermont Recreational
OR Oregon Recreational
ME Maine Recreational
MA Massachusetts Recreational
CO Colorado Recreational
CA California Recreational
AK Alaska Recreational
NV Nevada Recreational

What states legalized medical marijuana?

In the states listed here, cannabis is legal for medicinal purposes as recommended by a doctor.

WV West Virginia Medical
RI Rhode Island Medical
PA Pennsylvania Medical
OH Ohio Medical
NY New York Medical
NM New Mexico Medical
NJ New Jersey Medical
NH New Hampshire Medical
ND North Dakota Medical
MT Montana Medical
MN Minnesota Medical
MI Michigan Medical
MD Maryland Medical
IL Illinois Medical
HI Hawaii Medical
FL Florida Medical
DE Delaware Medical
DC District of Columbia Medical
CT Connecticut Medical
AZ Arizona Medical
AR Arkansas Medical


What states legalized medical CBD?

In these states, THC is illegal while CBD is legal. In plain English, this means that these states allow just the non-psychoactive CBD compound for medical purposes, but little or no THC can be consumed.

WY Wyoming CBD (Med Only)
WI Wisconsin CBD (Med Only)
VA Virginia CBD (Med Only)
UT Utah CBD (Med Only)
TX Texas CBD (Med Only)
TN Tennessee CBD (Med Only)
SC South Carolina CBD (Med Only)
OK Oklahoma CBD (Med Only)
NC North Carolina CBD (Med Only)
MS Mississippi CBD (Med Only)
MO Missouri CBD (Med Only)
LA Louisiana CBD (Med Only)
KY Kentucky CBD (Med Only)
IN Indiana CBD (Med Only)
IA Iowa CBD (Med Only)
GA Georgia CBD (Med Only)
AL Alabama CBD (Med Only)

In what states is weed totally illegal?

The states listed below still enforce full cannabis prohibition.

SD South Dakota Illegal
NE Nebraska Illegal
KS Kansas Illegal
ID Idaho Illegal


Proud of your state listed above, or disagree with your state’s cannabis policies? Let us know in the comments below 🗺👇🏽🌿

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