Stoned and Snowy

Winter. A beautiful time of the year, where the world turns white and you can’t feel your body because it’s so cold. Glorious, isn’t it? People take to the mountains, hop on their snowboards, and spend hours upon hours shoveling snow from one spot to another. Consider for a moment, for most people weed makes just about everything better. Combine some kickass winter moments with a blunt or two and ka-boom, you got a pretty cool afternoon…or do you? In the name of research, we put some of these activities to the test for a Do’s and Don’ts Winter Activities while high.


DO- Shoveling

This is the prime time to be high. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful time, especially tumblr_nht3whjAHT1rnuzruo1_1280.jpgwhen you live in a little town out in the country. It’s so quiet outside sometimes you can hear
the snow hitting the ground. Throw on some snow pants, sit in a snow bank, throw on a stoner playlist (check out ours HERE) and smoke a blunt. Watch the snowfall, and just be in the moment. It’s relaxing, it’s calming and you get to be a part of an absolutely beautiful moment. Besides, once you’re done smoking, you can get up, grab that shovel and put on a concert in your driveway. (Word of advice, play Carry On Wayward Son, by Kansas, believe me)


DON’T- Ice Skating

Watching the Winter Olympics is mesmerizing. And all eyes are on the TV when the ice skating teams take to the ice. To step out onto the ice and glide feels pretty amazing. Smoke a good blunt packed with OGK and you would think that it would make for a good combination, right? For some people maybe, however, for others, it’s a recipe for disaster. This HHH gal took to the ice after a blunt, and my oh my was it glorious. It was like floating. Music was playing over the loudspeaker, the ice had just been cleaned by the Zamboni, it was close to magical. A small water break was taken, and just like that, the spell was broken. You would be amazed how quickly you can forget how to move one foot at a time and balance on thin blades. And you can be sure that your butt WILL sustain a bruise for about a week or so.


DO- Snowboard (only if you know what you’re doing)

Trekking to the top of the mountain on an overcast winter day is prime. The lighting is dc7d344eefbb7eff1a7147dad7cf696b.jpg.pngnearly perfect, it’s not so dark that you can’t see, but it isn’t so bright that you feel blinded. You definitely need to be somewhat experienced on ski’s or a snowboard though, especially if you’re going to get high before you head down the mountain. Because if you aren’t, you will reach a level of euphoria, you very well may easily become incredibly confident in your abilities, and you most likely will have your face in the snow. Speaking from experience here folks. And you can be assured that a nose full of snow is easily one of the most unpleasant feelings.



Choose your stoned winter activities wisely. Some are fun, and some leave you covered in more snow than usual. Smoke safe & enjoy the snow!


Any winter activities that are elevated my cannabis that we missed? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Instagram @HeyHello.High






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