Cannabis and Meditation: Finding Your Woo-Saa

Going through life is like a really big obstacle course. For some people, they just sprint through it and things go fine, but for others, who battle things like depression and anxiety, things are a little harder. It’s like adding a 40-pound weight to each foot and then hearing someone say “RUN!”

Some days are better than others, but with the societal attitude towards people with mental health issues, for most people its better to just keep quiet about it and let the little monsters rage inside until it all explodes.

Cannabis and Meditation for Mental Health

Battling mental health can be exhausting and in the cannabis world, a lot of people turn to marijuana to help them relax. But most people just smoke and expect to be fine, even once they come down. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most.

There is, however, a weed-paranoia-let-shit-go.jpgway that works for many people to ensure a state of relaxation that lasts even once the high wears off. Meditation.

Although considered somewhat of a ‘hippie’ thing for a while, it’s making a comeback, even in elementary schools. Children are being taught that the simple act of clearing your mind and relaxing for 15-20 minutes and just focusing on your breathing helps to reduce stress and elevate the mind.

Cannabis for Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are horrible, and there is no doubt about it. For some people, they are only an occasional inconvenience, but for someone who suffers from it on a daily basis, it can be crippling. So, if you are in a place where you just feel like everything is getting to be too much, just stop and take a deep breath. Grab your bowl, grind up some weed, and smoke slowly. Make sure you are smoking a strain of weed that will help to calm you down, so it’s best to know which work better for calm situations, and which ones are better for being with friends. We recommend trying a mild Indica like Granddaddy Purp, an uplifting Sativa such as Strawberry Cough or a relaxing Hybrid, we love Girl Scout Cookies. For the ultimate meditation session try brewing a cup of weed tea as well!

Some people are able to just put on white noise and guide themselves through the session. Thankfully, for those who are just diving into it, there are about a million and twelve YouTube videos that guide you through it, with some really calming music in the background. It helps you to just lay back and let everything that has been making your day so stressful, just melt away.

Below are some links to guided meditation, (personally tested and suggested!) so go ahead, balance your energy, and feel yourself find a new level of relaxation.

Guided Meditation YouTube Videos for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Overthinking


15 Minute Guided Breath Meditation to Calm the Mind and Body


Mindfulness Meditation in 20 Minutes


Now it’s time to take a couple of minutes, jump into some PJ’s, and throw on some calming music and relax. Close your eyes, and while you inhale, imagine a warmth covering your whole body, filling you with positivity, and as you exhale, imagine all the negativity leaving.

What’s your favorite way to relax? ✌🏽 Share in a comment below 📝

Header image via YogaJournal

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