Ask a Cannababe: What’s the Best Strain to Calm My Anxiety?

For women suffering from anxiety, every day can bring something different. Symptoms can range from being mildly annoying to totally debilitating, and unpredictable moods add even more stress.

Things like exercise, self-care, and setting a stable routine can help, but you might be curious about more fast-acting yet natural remedies that you can use (and enjoy!) for your lifetime. One question we get asked a lot here at HeyHelloHigh is, “Can cannabis help with my anxiety?” and, for women that don’t suffer from anxiety but might get paranoid when they smoke, “What’s the right strain for me?”

Whether you’re looking to manage anxiety, or just wanting to kick back and relax, here’s how to choose and smoke the perfect strain that will calm your mind & soothe your soul.

Choose a High CBD / Low THC Strain

Back in our early cannababe days, we’d smoke whatever was passed our way, without much knowledge about strains, cannabinoids, and why they made us feel some type of way. Today, there’s more info available than ever, giving us more control & the opportunity for a better smoking experience.

In short, cannabis’ CBD compound is what produces your body high, while THC gives you the head high. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our So, What Really Is CBD? post.

For many smokers, their experience with THC in the right dose is a positive one. But in high doses, THC can cause over-active thoughts or worries, anxiety, and in extreme cases, panic attacks. So, a strain with higher CBD is a safe bet to produce a light and comfortable head high (or sometimes no head high at all) with the bonus of full-body relaxation.

For a list of actual strains recommended for anxiety, check out this awesome article from Herb.co that includes great descriptions and photos, too.

Opt for an Indica

Smokers can also control what type of experience they’re looking for by choosing Indica vs. Sativa. Cannabis that’s an indicia strain will produce a more mellow, relaxing, sometimes sink-into-the-couch high, while Sativa strains tend to be more energizing and uplifting. For smokers prone to anxiety and paranoia, opt for an Indica and enjoy a super chill sesh.

Start Small and Slowly Dose Up

While some smokers might know the exact dose they need to reach their ideal level, the key for stoner girls of all experience levels is to slowly build up to your perfect high.

When it comes to edibles, start small and allow up to 6 hours for full effects. If you’re smoking, take smaller hits and give yourself a few minutes to breathe in between. Being too high can be uncomfortable at best and anxiety-inducing at worst, and the most effective cure here is preventative. (If you or a friend gets too high, here are a few proven tips to help come down quickly).

Set the Mood for Total Relaxation

This one speaks for its self. Create an environment for your next smoke sesh that’s all about de-stressing. Whether that’s lighting candles, diffusing some lavender oil, drawing a bath, or putting on your favorite album, a soothing space will add to your relaxation magic.

Keep a Journal of Your Experiences

Treating your self-care like a science experiment is another great way to start making positive changes in your mood and mental health. As you try new strains, sesh set-ups and ways to consume cannabis, record what you liked & didn’t like about each experience. This will help you build the perfect routine, discover your new favorite strain(s), and always keep improving.

What are some ways you like to de-stress while you sesh? What are your favorite strains that help you relax and re-charge? Let us know in the comments below! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

Have your own question you’d like to Ask a Cannababe? Send us an email at heyhellohighblog [at] gmail.com or DM us on Instagram. You might see yours featured in our next post!


2 thoughts on “Ask a Cannababe: What’s the Best Strain to Calm My Anxiety?

  1. Yoga, for me, is the ultimate way to enjoy the glow ofter a sesh. I’m able to melt into each posture with ease and feel so connected to my body. I also enjoy watching my chickens and patting my dogs.


    1. Isn’t yoga the best? I find cannabis really helps elevate my practice too. It lets me be more patient with myself and my limitations! Spending time with pets is also GREAT for anxiety. What type of dog do you have? ๐Ÿ’š


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