Ask a Cannababe: Could Marijuana Elevate My Creativity?

Could sparking up a joint spark your creativity? While that pesky stoner stereotype still exists that weed makes you lazy, we know for certain that with right strain, marijuana can be motivating, energizing and mind-opening.

Artists, musicians, and other creative types have been utilizing cannabis for centuries, as well as modern cannababes like Ellie, who agreed to sit down with us and talk about her creative process. Curious about her favorite strains, smoking spots & how to avoid that dreaded burn-out? Read on!

Cannabis & Creativity

When did you first start smoking cannabis & using it to elevate your creative pursuits?

I owe cannabis indefinitely for being an essential part of my life. I was a little late than most, I began smoking after graduating from high school, wish I would’ve been aware of its magic sooner. I began writing poetry in the seventh grade. I had always felt creative from a young age, but the art of poetry is absolutely my passion, and I love the fact that I have something so beautiful as my creative outlet.

What medium do you like best for writing? Are you all digital, or more pen & paper?

For the longest I used to write my poems in college ruled notebooks, but then I began writing them in the “notes” of my phone, I love the convenience of being able to jot down ideas or beginning verses whenever they come to mind. Last year, I decided to hold myself accountable for following a dream of mine, to put everything I have into my passion. I’ve felt like it could be successful, I believe my pieces will resonate with a lot of people for the vulnerability, strength, & honesty in my words. I am finally giving it a chance.

Up until now, I have only shared my poetry on tumblr & with some of my closest friends. I’ve wanted to take it more seriously, but I was aware that I needed personal growth first. I needed to go through life endeavors that would shape me into a better version for my writing to flourish. I wanted there to be depth in my pieces, I wanted people to know exactly how I reacted emotionally to turbulent times in my life. I feel ready because of the person I am today, I feel ready because my poetry is at its best now that I’ve slowly learned to love every part of what makes/breaks me.  That would not have been possible without the help of the enhancing effects cannabis has on our mind/body. There’s a reason why statements of marijuana having the ability to reveal yourself to you are constant; they are proven truths. Cannabis encourages creativity in everything.

Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity

What strain do you like best to heighten your creativity?

Sativas are my go to’s for days I dedicate to writing. I love the vibe I get when I’m high after smoking a classic Blue Dream or Jack Herer. They put me in a creative mood, I will usually take my backpack, my laptop, & two blunts with me. I love driving out to certain foresty smoke spots I’ve discovered throughout Los Angeles. I will smoke & sit outside before starting, just basking in the silence, clearing my head, absorbing mother nature’s beauty, being humbled by how small we really are, I feel my connection to the universe. You’ll be able to tell which pieces of mine were written in these settings. Smoking cannabis provides me with a sense of purpose, a sense of existing, a pure perspective on who I want to become.

But on my moody days, or days where I just want to cancel the world, is where the wonders of Indica strains come to play. I love a heavy OG on nights where I can’t wait to get home from work. I have always had trouble sticking to my ideal sleeping arrangements, but smoking a few bowls never fails to help me get rest to start my days off on a good note. Skywalker OG, my love for this train is unmatched, both by the high it gives, & for having an affiliation to Star Wars, which I am a big fan of.

How do you avoid creative burn out? Does cannabis help?

I like to think of anyone that writes gives a voice for the people afraid or unsure of how to facilitate their feelings. When I began writing, it was for fun, my pieces were shallow, your typical rhyme-y fundamentals. I wish I had the power to be able to create at the drop of a pin, but it isn’t that easy. I write when I have the urge to, when I feel inspired after new experiences have occurred.

Recently, I’ve included writing into my self-care list. Sundays are my only days off, sometimes I spend it recovering from the long week, usually will smoke a couple blunts & stay home or catch up with friends. However, other times I wake up with all the energy in the world, I wake up in the greatest of moods, those days I plan a “me day”. Me days consists of wake & bakes, long showers, a great iced latte, & random series of “treat yo self” therapy. Sometimes those are writing days.

Cannabis for Inspired Travel

As someone that loves to travel, how has cannabis helped enhance your wanderlust?

I am an adventurous person, I love to travel, to be in nature, or by the beach. This aspect of my life has also been enhanced. I’ve taken trips to Portland, Seattle, New York, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, by myself & made memories I will hold dear to my heart. Cannabis gave me the confidence of being okay on my own. I love Disneyland, and up until this year, I was an annual pass holder for the previous five years. Ninety-percent of my visits were alone, & those were my favorite. Solo Disney days came to be crucial for me on bad days. Contrary to belief, there is no way I could ever get tired of the happiest place on earth, every visit was different, & I met so many wonderful people along the way. You truly attract what you are.

Cannabis gives me the courage to try new things, to be excited about the unknown, to take life a day at a time when it becomes overwhelming. Smoking has drastically improved the way I observe & evaluate my surroundings.

That’s something I have noticed when I smoke, the scope of my perspective widens, I take a step back & view the bigger picture. Finding the smallest reasons to smile will do more for your peace of mind than you think. “Was it really a bad day, or an unfortunate moment you held onto all day?” This has stuck with me, that’s something driven into us through our environment & society, it’s accustomed us to focus on the negative. Breaking this is the first of many barriers we must all shatter to find ourselves in the purest of forms.

A lot of people still have the misconception that stoners are lazy and unmotivated. What would you say back to them?

I am a proud productive stoner. I enjoy having my things organized, I am a meticulous person. You should see me roll a blunt, I have it down to a science. I do the same with my workspaces, with my bookshelves, with my closet, it brings me joy. I have a never-ending back & forth with buying too much clothing, but I am getting strict on that, just recently I decluttered my whole closet & storage bins. I narrowed down my wardrobe immensely, I felt a sense of relief afterward. I dread laundry days, I hate how time-consuming it is, but since I don’t have as much to wash now, our relationship has never been better. I recently found a twenty-four-hour laundromat nearby which has made making time for it simple. I look forward to it, I separate my laundry, smoke a blunt, drive there, listen to music on my headphones, put my loads in, & smoke in my car while they’re drying. It takes me about two hours because I fold all my jeans & shirts. But it’s not a pain anymore, it has become therapeutic, it’s part of me time & I love the convenience of being able to do so whenever I please.

Cannabis & Relationships

Has cannabis helped in your personal life, too? If so, how?

As a Libra, I am extremely considerate of others, but I have come to learn from personal experiences that the more people there are, the more differences our wants/needs exist.

My relationships with friends have improved due to my way of thinking going through changes. When I smoke after an argument or an incident with a friend whether it be me or them affected, I look at the situation in every possible scenario, to fully understand why it happened. I’ve told my friends I have made it a point to know the reasons behind my apologies, & express the sincerity in them. The toughest decisions happen after smoking. It’s given me understanding & patience that would’ve otherwise taken years to acquire.

Throughout my time with marijuana, it has done the most for my mental well being. Sure, studying psychology gives someone leverage on being self-aware of our actions, but that isn’t enough. There is more to every individual human being than theories, or formulas, or categories. We are so much more than skin & flesh, we are spirits, old souls, we are energy, I believe to manifest good things, we must send positivity out into the world. I can’t begin to tell you how calming it is to be in control of what you do, where you go, etc. without having to always compromise.

Cannabis enhances creativity in every part of my life & I hope to give women ideas on how they tap into their own more often!

Thank you so much to Ellie for opening up to us about cannabis & her creative process. Be sure to follow her personal instagram & her poetry insta, too. Let us know in the comments below — Do you use cannabis to help boost creativity? 👩🏽‍🎨🎨 What are your favorite strains to smoke when you’re getting artsy?

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