Products We Love: High Gorgeous​ Plain Jane CBD Collection

Over the past few months at HeyHelloHigh we’ve been expanding our knowledge on all things CBD! Now legal in all 50 states, CBD has proven to be beneficial in all types of ways. One way we have been thrilled about is in skincare. High Gorgeous is one of those companies that saw beyond the typical stereotypes of cannabis and imagined up some award-winning THC/CBD infused beauty products.

I recently got the opportunity to try out High Gorgeous’ Plain Jane line of CBD products. Plain Jane is a fragrance- free, vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic line of lip balm, lotions, and tincture products. CBD or cannabidiol is the compound in cannabis that doesn’t make you high but still maintains the benefits of cannabis. (Learn more about CBD HERE).

First off all, of these products are seriously cute! The bright colors and adorable packaging make these products a great addition to any medicine cabinet or dresser. I loved all the products I tried, & it was a big plus for me that they were all hypoallergenic. I also enjoyed that they were fragrance-free so the lotion didn’t clash with the scent of my everyday perfume. I loved using the lotion after coming home from work with tense shoulders. I found it very helpful when rubbing out knots and trying to relax at the end of the day.


My favorite out of all three products by far was the tincture. This tincture is A-MAZING! I take it for cramps and headaches as well as when I start to feel overwhelmed. It has no taste and mixes easily into liquids or melts under your tongue. This is the first tincture I tried that doesn’t have a grassy or potent aftertaste. Such a fan!

Find more info on these as well as all their THC products visit them at and follow @HighGorgeousOfficial.

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