Stash it! How to Store your Stash

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There comes a time in every stoners life when you start to feel the need to clean up and organize. Maybe your stash has outgrown your current storage, maybe you moved into a new place and your needs have changed. Having a set place for all of your medicine, vapes, glass etc makes it easy to find everything when you need it and keep everything clean. When it comes to storing your medicine there are a few things to keep in mind. How much stuff do you have/use daily, who do you live with and where you like to smoke?

First step is to take out all of your bud, vapes, glass, tools, jars etc and thoroughly clean them. Evaluate how much stuff you have and how it needs to be stored. I never recommending storing your medicine in direct sunlight as it can dry your bud out or can potentially affect the flavor.

One of the most important things to consider when deciding where and how to stash your medicine is who you live with. If you live with anyone under the age of 18 it is important that you keep your medicine locked up when not in use. If you live with children I would advise taking it a step further and keeping everything in a locked drawer or box out of reach. If this is your situation I fully recommend you check out the lockable bags from Stash Logix. They come in multiple sizes and even come with tools and jars that fit perfectly in the bag. If you don’t need to or want to lock up your stash there are tons of options. Antique boxes, cigar boxes as well as an empty drawer that is sized appropriately can work beautifully as well.

Once you decide how you would like to store your stash you need to consider where you smoke the most. Maybe you smoke in your living room and bedroom — if so, consider having more than one place to stash your items when not in use. Also, consider finding something that fits in with your décor so as not to draw attention to it.

I personally don’t live with children or anyone under 18 so I choose not to lock up my medicine. In my collection, I have several vapes, a bong, a bowl and all types of papers and jars. I have two antique boxes, one in my living room and one next to my bed. They are big enough to fit everything in it but small enough to fit on a table and goes beautifully with my décor. I keep the majority of my collection in my bedroom box and keep whatever I’m smoking/using to smoke in the box in the living room. I also travel often throughout the week so I also have a small stash bag. In that, I always have a lighter, raw papers, a hair elastic, my bowl, an extra oil cartage for my pen and a Stink Sack with some flowers.

How and where do you stash your stash? Let me know in the comments below!

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