YouTubers We Love: Stoner Girl Diary

For the aspiring stoner or pro-smoker, YouTube is a wealth of info, ideas, and opinions about marijuana culture. Once in a while, we come across a channel that really blows our mind — featuring women that are creative, classy, and love breaking stoner stereotypes as much as we do!

This week, we’re stoked to highlight HGAB’s Stoner Girl Diary.

Featuring Biz and Mari, two marijuana enthusiasts from Miami, their channel is packed with fresh opinions, pro-tips and weed hacks.

Each episode starts with a smoke sesh, featuring different strains and pieces, in a laid-back location like their bed or couch. You really feel like you’re in their apartment, smoking with your best friends.

We love that they tackle more hard-hitting topics too, like cheating on your dealer, coming out of the stoner closet, and how to get the most bud for your buck.

Check out all the episodes here, and catch up before Season 4 starts in September 2017.

Tell us – What are YOUR favorite WeedTubers? Leave us a comment below & we’ll feature them next on YouTubers We Love!

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