How to grill like a BOSS

Grilling is one of my all-time favorite hobbies/ways to feed myself. I myself discovered my love of grilling in college when I got my first grill. It wasn’t until recently I realized how versatile and creative one can get with this type of cooking. Smoking while/before cooking puts me in a relaxed and creative mindset that allows me to stay present in the moment and enjoy my creation. With friends or alone cooking your food outside over a flame in nature(ish) is relaxing, rewarding and easier than you think! The key to grilling is prep and timing. With a lil pre grillin planning and knowledge, you will impress your friend and yourself in no time.

First thing you want to do is get your menu planned and prepped. I generally like to do a meat and at least two veggies. Lately, my menu has included steak tips, shrimp skewers, eggplant, zucchini, and asparagus. I like to try to keep it in season but I’ll pretty much grab whatever looks fresh. Check out the charts before for ideas on how to prep your veggies and how to tell when your steak is done. Basically cut everything into planks or in half, mix with EVOO and salt + pepper and it’s ready for the grill.

The key to grilling is timing! You can’t throw everything on the grill at once because onions take longer to grill then say summer squash. I always put onions or thicker, denser veggies first, after 5/10 mins I ass soft veggies such as eggplant or summer squash and then last I’ll add the steak or shrimp. I almost always set a timer for 6 mins at a time so I don’t forget to check/flip. Smoking in the great outdoors is often distracting for me so the timer is quick to redirect my attention when needed.

Once you get the basics down there really is no limit to the things you can try! Experiment with different marinades and spices, try your hand at foil packets or kabobs. I love adding infused balsamic vinegars to my veggies after cooking or if they are in a foil pack. New England Olive Oil has a wonderful selection made with high-quality ingredients.

I recommend enjoying a sativea or hybrid blend while grilling. I would avoid smoking joints or blunts while cooking due to the fact that ash isn’t yummy at all. Maybe stick to glass or smoke a join away from the grill.

A note on SAFETY: Never use plastic utensils on the grill, make sure all your tools are safe to use or you’ll end up with a huge mess.

Don’t forget to have fun with it! Do you have any grill recopies you LOVE and want to share? Comment below or tag us on Instagram #HeyHelloHigh

Later stoner lovers!



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