Drop everything and learn about the magical stash jar that brought my dry, brittle flower back to life.

Do you suffer from:

  • Brittle bud?
  • Parched pot?
  • Withered weed?
  • Crusty cannabis?

Or, do you simply want to take your stoner storage strategy into the 21st century?!

If you answered “yes” – then this, my friends, is the post for YOU!

My cannabis storage challenges

I’ve been a stoner for more than a decade now. Wow! That’s wild to think about.

And in all my years of loving this plant, I’ve never quite nailed the optimal greenery storage system.

When I first started consuming cannabis, I’d literally just leave it in the plastic sandwich baggie it came in.

I quickly found that the first couple days with my new stash were great. It was sticky, spongy, and super fragrant.

Then, without fail, it would dry up and lose its luster.

In the last few years, I finally started storing it in a container with a lid. This was usually a recycled pasta jar, mason jar, or something of that nature.

My weed lasted a little longer, but within a week or so it was back to being dry and sad.

I learned that dry weed:

  1. Burns more quickly
  2. Is super harsh on my throat
  3. Doesn’t taste too great

So, I set out on a mission to up my storage game.

That lead me directly to Evergreen Pod, and my life has been better ever since.

(Dramatic, but TRUE.)

Evergreen offers a complete storage system for herbal materials. Their jars and humidity pods maintain ideal conditions for freshness and flavor.

And – here’s the real magic – their jars actually RESTORE dried materials.

Within a day or two, the jar literally brought my cannabis back from the crypt.

So, how does the Evergreen Pod actually work?

Glad you asked, because I can’t stop talking about it to anyone who will listen.

Let’s start with the basics.

The Evergreen storage solution system includes:

  • The Evergreen Pod two-way humidification capsule (that’s the green cap you see on the lid)
  • 8-ounce glass jar that holds about 1/2 oz – 1 oz of bud
  • Custom-fit silicone jar sleeve in your choice of color that keeps out light, protects against breakage, allows viewing of contents with the lid closed
  • The Evergreen Traveler, an airtight keychain container to use when you’re on the go
  • Specially-designed metal lid and wet erase marker for recording info about contents, and two melamine sponges for easy cleaning.

Next, let’s talk about the humidification capsule.

The Evergreen Pod keeps herbs at 55-62% rH. Fun fact – that’s the perfect humidity level for optimal taste and potency.

I was a little intimated at first, but the directions were easy. You simply wet the felt sponge on the cap of the Pod, screw it on tight and wait a few hours.

Close-up of the humidifying capsule that I swear is supercharged with some sort of magic.

Some beads were bright opaque white, while others were gray or translucent. When I saw a mix of shades, I knew the Pod was charged.

Next, I tightened the cap and then loosened it about a quarter-turn. It should be secure, but not tightly sealed.

(FYI, the cap must be slightly loose for air to flow and perfectly hydrate your stash.)

The Pod sticks to the underside of the jar lid with a strong magnet, so that’s your final step – pop it on, place your weed in the jar, and let it work!

Recharge every 1-2 months, based on the humidity in your area.

Let’s talk accessories.

This system was clearly created by a team of cannabis experts and enthusiasts. So, you know they didn’t just stop there.

The stash jar lid has a special coating that allows you to write and erase on its surface.

I used the included silver sharpie to jot down the strain, as well as the date I got my green. This made me feel incredibly fancy and organized.

They even include a reusable melamine sponge to erase notes! Am I living in a high-end dispensary now, or what.

Each jar also comes with a custom-fit silicone jar sleeve. This keeps out light, protects against breakage, and allows me to view the contents of the jar with lid closed.

They come in all kinds of fun colors for whatever your stoner girl aesthetic of the moment might be.

Last but certainly not least, each system comes with The Evergreen Traveler, an airtight keychain container to use when you’re on the go.

If you’re a stoner babe that loves the planet, this system is for you.

Want to reduce your reliance on plastic while you keep cannabis fresh? Me, too.

Other humidity solutions are disposable and need to be replaced every month or two. Evergreen’s patented technology enables the pods to be reusable for up to 5 years, and the jar to be used indefinitely.

I love that it’s an earth-conscious product, created with sustainability in mind.

A final word on the Evergreen Pod system

So, in just a few days I went from having dry, sad weed…

…to perfectly hydrated green and a sustainable storage system! And, it’s been a game changer ever since.

I encourage any stoner who is looking for the best way to store your weed to check them out.

Visit them on instagram @evergreenpods, and keep an eye out for seasonal sales to snag a great deal!

Thanks to the team at Evergreen for gifting me their products to try. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Drop everything and learn about the magical stash jar that brought my dry, brittle flower back to life.

  1. I purchased the evergreen system a little over a year ago and believe me when I tell u it was and us a game changer. Not only does it keep my bud stash at the optimal temperature it is as fresh when I smoke as it was when I harvest it.


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