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How to create the ~perfect~ stoner girl space: Bohemian style

It’s no secret that we’re spending more time at home these days. As you look around the smoke spots in your home, are you happy with how they look?

Many of us never really stop to think about if the spaces we inhabit make us feel cozy, creative, inspired, relaxed, rejuvenated, and more.

In the famous words of Marie Kondo, does your space ⚡️ spark joy ⚡️ ?? If you feel like your home design could be improved, you’re not alone.

The good news is, there are some small fixes you can make with things you already have in your home!

And, if you’re ready to invest in some new pieces or decor, the options are endless.

For stoner girls with a bohemian style, this post is choc-full of inspiration just for you.

But before we dive in, let’s get a quick definition out of the way.

So, what actually is bohemian style?

Decorating in a Bohemian or Boho style is for stoner girls who want their spaces full of life, culture, and exotic, fascinating items.

This aesthetic celebrates the carefree, relaxed, and the unusual.

Boho rooms are warm, cozy, well lived in, and show off the unique style of the stoner girl that lives in them.

Have trinkets and souvenirs from your travels? Display them proudly!

Love rich textures like velvet, shag rugs, plush pillows and wild plants? This is the perfect style for you.

Bohemian Stoner Girl Mood Board

Let’s see that in action:

Without further ado, let’s get to the inspo!

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Go Bold with Color and a Statement Chair

Image via

This stunning space shows that red and green aren’t just for Christmas. Grounded by earth tones like brown, tan and taupe this pallet feels eclectic yet considered. To make your space work double duty, create a cozy stoner space in the corner of your office. A live edge wood side table makes the perfect tray to place your pipe or ashtray. The rattan egg chair makes SUCH a glam statement but keeps it down to earth with natural materials. Create a gallery wall with pictures that mean something to you and accent with some stoner girl prints. Shop similar red velvet curtains here (with pom poms!). And are you as obsessed as I am with that monstera leaf accent rug? Here’s a perfect dupe of that rug for under $40. This whole space just makes me smile.

Make Space to Hang Out – Literally

Image via CafeMom

Ok, this one is SO. FUN. If you have an empty corner in your home that you’re not sure what to do with, why not install a hammock? Forget the nylon camping style ones and go boho with some natural fabrics and tassels. Here’s one that is under $60 and is just PERFECT. Roll up a J, put on some tropical music, get into your hammock and be transported to a tropical vacation for your next sesh. Bonus points if you score an affordable small space heater to replicate a warm island breeze. Shop a similar black and white geometric area rug here and vintage-look red rug here. To complete the look, accent with approximately 568 plants.

Style up a Sesh Spot and Meditation Area

Image via HomeBNC

Like I said, I’m all about making a space work double duty. Why not take a free stretch of floor / wall and make a spot that doubles as a meditation area and stoner girl sesh spot? Start with a cozy area rug like this one, and either steal an accent pillow from elsewhere in the house or invest in a meditation pillow. Accent the area with cannabis smoke odor eliminating candles if you’re gonna burn green. Add other trinkets, stoner girl decor, crystals, and of COURSE, plants! Now you have the perfect space to get elevated or grounded, whichever you choose.

Be Cozy AF in a Beanbag Chair

Image via Twitter

How bad do you want to sink into this bb? I am dreaming of buying a beanbag and floating on a cloud while I blaze. Anyone else?? Shop a similar beanbag chair here for literally under $20. Place it on a circular rug (similar) to define the space. Snag a cute metal side table to hold your Homesick 420 Candle and sesh accessories. Style a cozy stack of books that doubles as reading materials and another surface to put stuff. For a low maintenance look, lean art against the wall instead of hanging. Finish it all off with a floor lamp and wall hanging – macrame is SO in, and easy to DIY – or shop one here if you’re not that crafty.

Create Ambiance with Tapestries

Image via Twitter

This little loft is the epitome of boho stoner girl luxury. Just look at all those pillows! I want to dive right into this picture, HBU? To recreate this look, start with a set of matching or complementing boho wall tapestries – check out these and these (both under $25 for a 3 pack!) for inspo. A big, comfy shag rug is essential. Instead of a structured couch situation, build your own out of a mix of square floor pillows and poufs. Mix up the textures – think velvet, leather, faux fur etc for an interesting look. Finish with a Moroccan style table lamp on the floor, some string lights, and use thrift store book pages as additional decor on a budget.

Use Modular Storage to Make a Vanity and Sesh Spot

AGAIN with the 2-for-1 combos! This setup can start with an old bookcase on it’s side (work with what you’ve got if you’re on a budget, babes!). Or, invest in a fresh new modular storage piece. Fill it’s shelves with essential oils, books, stoner girl accessories, and makeup bags or boxes. Pick up a vintage table runner from the thrift store to make a nice mat for the top where you can place additional smoke stuff and trinkets. Top if off with a mirror and BOOM, you have a functional and stylish space to blaze and do your makeup. To really cop this look, replace your closet door with a bead curtain, and shop‘s store for all the decor you see pictured.

Make Your Space Feel Like an Exotic Escape

Ok – you might look at this pic and say NO WAY can I make a space in my home look like that. And you’re right – most of us don’t have a gorgeous archway framing a sofa nook where we can curl up with our favorite strain, a pot of mint tea and just lounge the day away. But stay with me here! With a little paint plus some creativity and wanderlust, you can create a similar vibe. Grab a gallon of your favorite paint, plus a pencil and string and DIY an arch accent on a free wall. If you’re a renter, cut some removable wallpaper to your desired shape. Check out this Moroccan tile-inspired removable wallpaper, this groovy garden wallpaper, or this stunning pink wallpaper to recreate the look above. Your DIY arch will create architectural interest for your backdrop. Now, layer and style! Thrift flip an old loveseat or settee with a cozy boho throw. Attach some plug-in sconce lamps (no electrician required!) to your wall on each side of a big piece of art. And then… you guessed it… PLANTS. Always plants. Imagine the statement you could make in your space with this one!

Swing Your Cares Away

Image via Twitter

Love the idea of an egg chair or hammock but just don’t have the space? Allow me to introduce you to the swing chair. Perfect for talking over a cozy corner of your bedroom, living room, office or patio. Shop swing chairs here (under $40!), here and here. Place a crochet circular rug below. Create storage space with a wicker cabinet (similar) and warm things up with a wicker wall shelf to display your prized possessions. And, plants.

Consider Your Outdoor Space

Image via Unknown

If you’re blessed with outdoor space, take advantage of it! For babes with covered patios / backyard space, you could set up a permanent stoner spot. (In fact, I think outdoor stoner girl sesh spots deserve it’s own post! Coming soon.) For those of us that have a little space but DEF couldn’t leave rugs and pillows out 24/7, this sort of setup is easy to pack up and out after you’re done. Choose a few outdoor blankets or an outdoor rug as your base. Then, layer on floor pillows or cushions and a low table. This set is a great buy with a teak table and 2 sponge cushions plus a storage basket. Hang some string lights or paper lanterns (here’s a set of 20 for under $15!), and you’re ready to toke. No need to add plants, the outdoors provide those for free!

Create a Couch Corner

Image via UrbanOutfitters

To close things out, we’ve shown a lot of boho floor seating and swings but that setup isn’t for everyone. Want to create a modular leather couch without a crazy investment? Start with a low leather ottoman from the thrift store and/or build up with square leather poufs for seriously chic and comfy seating on a budget. Add in some colorful accent rugs and a light wood side table. Finish off the look with crisp white drapes that are dreamy yet refined.

That brings us to the end of our bohemian stoner girl inspiration!

Which look do you 💚 best? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, we believe in achieving your dream space on a budget – get creative and DIY before you buy! Online thrift stores have a wealth of vintage finds that don’t break the bank.

Here’s to creating a stoner girl space that you absolutely love. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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