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We Tried It High: Dope Dinners Boston

Food has been a big part of my life for as far back as I can remember.

Growing up in an Italian household I started cooking with my grandmother and mother at a very young age. By the time I hit college I was not only cooking about 80% of my meals but was creating my own recipes for healthy eating. So naturally, when I started hearing about medicated dining experiences popping up in Boston I had to give it a try. 

I received an invite from Dope Dinners Boston to join them for seafood themed brunch in Boston, MA. 

Dope Dinners Boston is the brainchild of husband and wife team A & E. Founded in Boston MA this chef/event planner team dreamt up this experience while sitting on a beach in Mexico and the rest is history.

So a few Saturdays ago I found myself climbing the stairs to a sunny roof deck overlooking the city ready to start my journey.  They welcomed me with open arms and invited me to grab a CBD cocktail and mingle.

Despite having no idea what to expect I decided to go about this experience solo. I wanted to make sure I could fully immerse myself without having to worry about someone else’s experience. I’ve always liked edibles but just like with everything else you never know how your body will react. 

After grabbing a drink I settled in and started learning more about my surrounding company.

I wasn’t sure what type of people I was expecting to meet but I found myself interacting with people that were funny, kind and involved in their communities. I enjoyed my afternoon with them and I hope to meet them again in life.


The menu for brunch included sweet and savory dishes that featured in-season veggies and summer favorite seafood. This entire menu was cooked on grills on the roof while diners enjoyed the view and the company.

Each dish had one element that was infused with cannabis. Most items had 5mg THC per dish and went as high as 10mg.  Each dish was explained by the chef as it was brought out and diners could help themselves to however many servings they wished.

Almost every dish that was offered could also be made non-medicated as well. I loved that they offered this option for people that either don’t smoke and came with friends or have a low tolerance level but still wanted to try every course.

Everything I tried was delicious and on theme.

As he cooked I spoke with the Chef to learn about how everything was medicated. He could not have been nicer and more informative.

He explained that they have all their products tested to ensure they know exactly what they are putting in their infusions. He showed me the various oils and dresses that he makes himself. He also explained that he uses decarboxylated cannabis as a finishing herb, like you would parsley or chives.


While music and the breeze played in the background I enjoying the food and found my high kicking in around the salad course. It was far more subtle than I thought it would be and was very enjoyable. I thought that I would notice a cannabis flavor to my food as well but there wasn’t any.



Overall this was an amazing experience. Although I don’t think I would want cannabis in my food every day I think this is a great way to incorporate cannabis in a new fun way. Dope Dinners also offers in private in-home dinners for parties of 8 or more.

I can only imagine how much fun a dinner like this would be for a Birthday, batch party or just something different. I highly recommend those that enjoy edibles give this a shot. If you’re in the Boston area you should absolutely seek out Dope Dinners and give them a follow.


Find them on instagram @DopeDinnersBoston
Have you ever tried a medicated meal? Tell us about your experience in the comments below or on our Instagram @Heyhello.high 

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