Products We Love: PCKT One Plus Vape

For me of the most annoying thing about traditional vape pens is the size. Yes, the slender pen design is great for my wallet or purse but as soon as I sit down it never seems to stay put in my pocket. Enter the new PCKT One Plus. This little guy stands at 1.65” Wx 3.54 H.and comes in 7 colors and fits perfectly in my pocket. The PCKT One Plus comes with your basic charger and two magnetic adaptors to fit any 510 cartridges.

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At first glance, this pen reminds me of an iPod Mini in shape and size. It has a matte finish and fits easily in the palm of my hand. The design keeps that cartridge in the vape so no broken cartridge in your pocket or purse. The battery life is great as well. A full charge will last me 3-4 days depending on how often I use it. Like most push button units this vape has three heat settings. Blue= 3.7w Yellow= 4.3W and Red = 5.1w. Using the button the front you can switch between these temps as well as lock your pen.



One of the coolest features of this pen is the ability to hit it both with the button but also in inhale activation mode. Just like with the basic vape pens, once you turn it on all you have to do is inhale to turn the pen on. One great thing about this feature with button mode as well is that you have the ability to warm up your pen before using inhale activation. This pen also comes with a 1-year warranty! 

Overall this is a great vape option for someone looking to step their vape game up and love inhale activated pens. The price point might seem a little high but once you get this unit in your hand you can clearly see the quality is worth it.

Check out their color sections and get your own PCKT One Plus at

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