Products We Love: SteamCloud Micro

Another great vape from our friends over at NY Vape Shop! I’ve always been a fan of the SteamCloud line of vapes and the Micro doesn’t disappoint.

This battery stands at 2.75in tall and is only 5/8in wide. As you can see from the photo this pen is small but I assure you it is mighty. This is the smallest vape I currently own and I love that it lays pretty flat in my pocket. When I separate it from the cartridge it fits perfectly in my wallet as well.

This pen has all the power I need with 3 different heat settings. I preferer to start out on a lower heat setting and gradually increase the heat as needed. With 3 clicks you can switch from 3.2, 3.7, or 4.0 volts with the coinciding colors of green, blue and red.

This vape comes with a USB charger that is the same as an android charger. I like that the light at bottom turns green when the battery is fully charged. I’ve found that the battery last 24 plus hours.

With a $16.99 price point this is a great pen for beginners, travel, concerts and adventures. It fits easily in a pocket or wallet, is strong enough to get me the pulls I like and is inexpressive enough that if you drop it in the pool you wont cry.

You should absolutely check out the Micro and the whole SteamCloud collection at use code HEYHELLOHIGH at check out for a special gift with purchase.

What is your favorite vape pen, babes? Let us know in the comments below or @heyhello.high

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