Newsworthy Nugs: Summer 2018

Hey babes! Can you believe it’s July already? We’re halfway through the year, and SO much has happened this year so far in terms of legalization, cannabis culture & crackdowns, too.

To help you feel informed about what’s happening in cannabis at your next BBQ, pool party or sesh with your smart friends, we’re proud to be launching Newsworthy Nugs. We’ll do the heavy lifting of combing through the news and floating up only the best stories in language you can easily understand.

Without further ado, here’s your Summer 2018 edition of Newsworthy Nugs, hot off the presses.

🇨🇦 Canada Just Became the Second Nation to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

On June 19th, historic bill C-45 was passed after 2 years of crazy intense debate in a vote of 52 to 29, officially ending 90 years of cannabis prohibition in Canada. The first legal stores are expected to open by October 17th 2018, and we’re already checking out the best vapes and bongs for sale in Canada to prepare for the occasion! Will Canada’s legalization put more pressure on the US to keep rolling out legalization on the state and federal levels? We sure hope so. For more news on this story, check out this article by our friends at High Times.

🙅🏻 Cannabis Business Owner Permit Patty Under Fire

After calling the cops on an 8-year-old black girl selling water on her stoop in San Francisco, the Permit Patty story has a new plot twist. Alison Ettel, aka ‘Permit Patty’ is co-owner of a Bay Area cannabis company, TreatWell, which peddles cannabis tinctures for people and dogs. The backlash has been swift, and NBC News has recently reported that Ettel has stepped down from her position at TreatWell after many cannabis businesses cut ties with her.

📺 YouTube Continues Their Crusade Against Cannabis Channels

Starting in early 2018, YouTube has been blocking cannabis videos and demonetizing popular channels, often without warning or explanation to the content creators. Smaller accounts have been being affected the most, while there are theories that YouTube is trying to be friendlier to brands and more appealing to TV advertisers because accounts like Snoop Dog’s and VICE’s have been left alone in the purge.

🌿 Massachusetts Granted First Recreational License

The first dispensary in the Bay State is about to open its doors, and it’s about damn time! Voters in MA said yes to legalization back in November 2016, but legislative hangups have pushed off licensing until July 2018. This month, Cultivate Holdings, LLC. a Leicester-based company is opening it’s doors, making it the state’s first cannabis retail dispensary. Congrats to the Cultivate team on this amazing milestone.

Let us know – What news stories have you & your crew been chatting about this month? 📰 Drop us a comment with ideas & recommendations for our next installment of Newsworthy Nugs, too! 👇🏽

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