Blunt Babes: Becky from the Northeast

In this week’s Blunt Babes we’re joined by Becky. She’s a stoner mom that gets shit done but knows how to enjoy cannabis for it’s medicinal & fun effects, too. And, she’s hilarious to boot. Her favorite marijuana memory has us ROLLING 😂.

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Thanks for sharing with us, Becky!

What is the main reason you consume cannabis?

I started as a recreational user but that was 20 years ago. Now, with all the amazing ways you can use cannabis for healthy living, it’s become both recreational and medicinal for me.

What is your favorite strain of cannabis & why?

I am an equal opportunist! LOL 😂 I love a good Sativa to keep me motivated throughout the day. But on those days where a complete chill out needs to occur, I’m an indica babe all day.

How do you usually smoke it?

My usual go to is one of my glass pipes. However, my newest addition – Betty Bong, is the best way to get lifted quickly. If I have the time, I really enjoy a nicely rolled blunt. 🌿

What is your favorite smoke spot?

I’m a stoner mom so I have to get creative sometimes. 👩‍👦‍👦 But on my back deck, overlooking our property is my go to.  It’s quiet and the perfect spot to just relax.

What are your triggers for smoking pot?

Waking up….doing something….listening to a great song…..what doesn’t trigger me to smoke?? LOL!!! I’m an all day kinda girl so if I feel the urge, I go for it.

What time of day do you normally smoke?

I like to stretch it out all day. I like a couple puffs in the am, a few more on lunch and then end the day with a quality session.

Which do you prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles?

Flower every day, all day 🌴

What’s your favorite marijuana memory?

We used to smoke in this big lumber yard when we were younger. There was this HUGE woodchip pile. And I swear, one time after a pretty intense session, the whole wood chip pile was shaped like the Flintstones neighborhood. I know it sounds crazy, and I was younger so my tolerance was quite a bit less. But I’ll never forget that session —  Yabadabadooooooooo!!

When did you first start smoking?

When I was in high school.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that smokes weed and why?

I love when you learn about a new celebrity that smokes. Someone a little more seasoned so I can say to my parents “See! Everyone smokes weed!”
But I gotta give it up to Woody Harrellson, he’s like the ultimate celebrity stoner and after taking a few years off, I’m so happy to see he is back.

Thanks for being blunt, Becky! Have a lady stoner that you’d like to nominate to share her story on HeyHelloHigh? Or, want to get blunt with us yourself?! Leave a comment below.

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