Top Summertime Hacks for Stoner Girls

Summer is finally here ☀️ and that means sunny weather, tasty BBQs, and outdoor seshes galore. If you’re like us and LIVE for the long days & cool nights of summertime, this post is for you! Read on for a roundup of some of our best summertime stoner girl hacks, tips, and tricks.

Store Your Weed in a Cool, Dark Place

clear glass terrarium
Mason Jars with sealable lids make great stash jars. Photo by Arun Thomas on

Usually, hot rays of sunshine are a great thing, but not when it comes to your green. In the summertime, it’s especially important to store your cannabis in a cool, dark and dry place, to maintain it’s quality and flavor.

We recommend keeping your bud in an airtight container like a mason jar, and taking it a step further to pop the jar into a closed stash box. For more tips, check out our post here on how to store your stash.

Try Vaping vs Smoking for Cooler Hits

woman in white cap sleeved shirt blowing dust
Vapor vs Smoke is one of the great debates of our time. Photo by Jakob on

Inhaling hot smoke when it’s already 90+ degrees out is no fun. This hack works all year long to keep hot smoke out of your mouth, throat and lungs. Since vaporizers heat your cannabis to a lower temperature than the combustion caused by smoking, the end result is smooth, cool vapor rather than hot smoke. It’a better for your health overall, and more comfortable in the summer, too.

Go Discreet for Summer Concerts & Festivals

low angle photography of female on carnival
It’s festival, concert & carnival season and we’re HERE. FOR. IT. Photo by Daniel Xavier on

One of our fave parts of summer is all the fun events & live music in our city. If your calendar looks like ours (packed with festivals and parties through Labor Day) you’ll want to consider investing in some new tech to make sure you can enjoy your cannabis wherever your summer plans might take you.

A portable dab or vape pen is a great way to take your green on the go, and edibles are another fun option with long-lasting effects. We also love stealthy stash solutions like the Arizona Ice Tea can stashes you might have seen, or the extra sneaky Sharpie Pens.

Tackle Munchies with a Fresh Fruit Plate

slice orange fruit and strawberries
Tasty & healthy, too! Photo by Trang Doan on

Put down those flaming hot Cheetos, people! It’s summertime and fresh fruit is in season, and what is a more perfect excuse to make a tasty (and healthy!) snack plate to combat the munchies? Slice up some fresh pineapple, oranges, and strawberries, grab a handful of grapes and toke up. The best part is, you can indulge without guilt since these fresh treats are good for you, too.

Add CBD to your Aloe Vera for Instant Sunburn Relief

three green aloe vera plants
This classic sunburn cure gets a cannabis-infused twist. Photo by Cecília Tommasini on

Spend a little too much time in the sun? Us too. Especially at the beginning of the season when our pale, pasty skin isn’t used to being outdoors, it’s easy to get fried without even feeling it — until the pain sets in, and all you can think is “FML.”

Keep some Aloe Vera on hand, and take it to the next level by adding in some CBD! A few drops of CBD from your tincture mixed directly into the Aloe and applied directly into your sunburn will provide serious relief. This is because the soothing effects of Aloe team up with the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD to make magic. We swear by it!

There you have it babes — now you are ready to have the best summer yet! Get out there, have some fun, smoke on a beach or at a BBQ, and let us know what summer hacks you’ve discovered. XO, BJ 💚

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