How to Throw the Best 420 Party Ever

Sure, you could go out and party for 420. But every stoner girl knows that one of the most glorious ways to celebrate the highest of holidays is by staying home and lighting up.

If you are planning on staying in, spice it up this year by gathering up all your stoner friends and throwing a bash to celebrate! Here are some tips to throw the dopest 4/20 party ever.

Start with a Stoney Scavenger Hunt 🕵🏽‍♀️

Before the party even starts, Take a trip with your friends to your local dispensary for a scavenger hunt.

Gather your ganja needs from moonrock blunts, CBD lollypops, edibles, concentrates… you name it. The person who finishes the list first gets to spark the 1st blunt of the night.

Or, if you’re not in an area where cannabis is legal, plan ahead and buy some CBD treats online. Hide them around your house or yard for a fun hunt.


Set the Scene 🎊

Plan your party space to generate good vibes only.

Get some Christmas lights, incense and of course set out your clean, beautiful glassware for your guests. Make sure to have some pillows and comfy seats gathered around so everyone can relax and enjoy the company.


Joints & Jams 🎶

Have a 4/20 approved playlist on deck

Add songs from “Because I Got High” by Afroman, “Higher” by Rihanna, “Smoke Break” by Chance the Rapper and of course “Kaya” by the infamous Bob Marley.


Sunset Sesh 🌅

At 4:20pm, gather outside to blaze and appreciate the sun starting to set.

Feel those good good vibes of springtime and take a nature walk. Sometimes we just have to appreciate how great life can be, especially on 4/20.


Snack Time 🍪

Serve cannabis-infused foods and snacks

Just make some cannabutter or cannaoil and the opportunities are endless. Dips, desserts and quality edibles will be in high demand after everyone’s had couple bong rips. Better still, have a cannabis-infused potluck where your friends bring the food, so you don’t have to.


Friendly Competiton 🏅

Have a blunt rolling contest

This is where you get to bust your friends balls on who can actually roll a proper blunt. See how creative everyone can get and pick a judge to decide which blunt is the best. Then everyone can light up and get couch locked for the night.


Party Favors 🎁

Send your friends home with a little pot plant party favor that they can decorate

Before they go, whip out the paints and have your friends go to town decorating their very own cannabis plants! Or, opt for succulents if growing isn’t legal in your area.

Planning a 420 party? Comment and share your ideas below! Weed love to hear ’em.

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