Products We Love: Kana’s Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Have you ever heard of a facemask you sleep in? Neither had I until our beautiful friends over at DankGals were kind enough to introduce us to my newest obsession — Kana’s Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask! This natural mask soothes and protects skin with anti-inflammatory properties. It is a deep natural moisturizer with 50mg of organic CBD.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a mask you sleep in but after coming home from a long night at work I decide to give it a try. The directions are simple, after washing and applying toner to your face you simply apply the mask all over in a patting motion, wait for it to dry and go to sleep. The mask felt very soothing as I applied it and I loved the calming scent. The thick cream went on smooth and I hopped in bed hoping for the best.

The CBD + the lavender felt wonderful as I dozed off. I woke up with my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. I did notice a bit of brightening and my skin certainly looked better after a long night than it would have had I not used the mask. There was also no residue on my pillow, which was one thing I was concerned about.

After two weeks of using this mask 2-3 times a week my friend comment that my skin looked smoother! The true test of a product I think is when someone else notices a difference, especial when it comes to skincare.

I am so excited to continue to use this product in my weekly routine and am thrilled to be exploring all of the benefits of cannabis and CBD has to offer.

Check out out for more info on the mask and for more awesome CBD products and cannabis accessories.


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