Weed Chat With: The Ladies of High Gorgeous & Yummi Karma

Along my search for the perfect CBD tincture, I stumbled upon the ladies of High Gorgeous and Yummi Karma. Two sets of sisters absolutely crushing it in the cannabis industry and proving that if you want it, baby all you gotta do is hustle.

We were lucky enough to get a few moments of these busy women’s lives to pick their brains on what they love about working with their siblings, products they can’t live without and their hopes for their growing business.

Tell us ladies, what is it like working with your sisters?

We have two pairs of siblings working at YK/HG, and it is a great experience. Since we all have very different jobs, we don’t have much in-fighting going on. Sometimes we can’t agree on what to have for lunch, but when it comes to the important things, we tend to find a compromise.

When (and how) was the first time you shared your love of cannabis with each other?

Our CEO Krystal began a grow in college, and was always fairly open about her love for cannabis. Although this is a business first, we all enjoy the health benefits of cannabis and truly enjoy sharing our research and experiences with others.


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What is your #1 beauty product you cannot live without?

The consensus at the office is our Plain Jane lotion and Drift Away tincture. Like most people in this industry, we work hard and play hard, so our CBD lotion is great for long days on our feet at the office, and our Drift Away helps us wind down at night.

How do you hope to grow your business in the next 5 years?

We have seen such steady growth over the past three years, and we know there is even more ahead in the near future. We are poised to be one of the cannabis manufacturers that is able to capture a larger audience when recreational consumers enter the marketplace next year. We anticipate a huge demand and we are ready to keep up with it!

What has been the coolest moment so far in your professional lives?

We have had so many cool moments, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Currently, we are in the final four for Dope Magazine’s “Best Edible Company” category for Yummi Karma, and “Best Packaging” for High Gorgeous. We’re really excited to go to the awards show and hope we come home with a trophy. That would put a huge exclamation point on our great year!

 What product of yours should someone new to cannabis in beauty try?

We have created all of our infused beauty products to look and feel like the ones we’re all used to using, only work better. For that reason, none of our products are intimidating for newbies. Most people begin with a lotion or body butter, and when they discover how great they feel afterward, they move on to the entire line.  

Plain Jane Lip Balm.png

Give us an insider tip, what new products do you have in the works?

We treat High Gorgeous like any other beauty company, so we like to introduce new products seasonally. We came out with our suntan oil for summer, so get ready for other exciting products – just in time for fall/winter. Our CBD-only products have become really popular, and we continue to grow our Plain Jane line. We just added a CBD lip balm, which is our new favorite beauty secret!

What has been your biggest obstacle as a female in the cannabis industry?

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to being women in this industry. On one hand, as younger women, we haven’t always been taken seriously on the business side of things. People have assumed we were promo girls at shows, rather than the ones who were running the company. That being said, we have built the most amazing network of other industry women, who have been more supportive and encouraging than we could have imagined. Being women has also helped us relate to female consumers, who tend to be the ones making the healthy choices for their families.

What is your advice to women starting out in this industry?

We would say to anyone looking to get into the industry to work hard and treat it like any other business. This industry takes a lot of work, but it also has one of the best communities around. There are so many organizations, like Women Grow, that help anyone trying to break into cannabis. And, at the end of the day, listen to your instincts. We have had so many people with great intentions give us advice, but sometimes the best advice comes from within your team. In order to be successful, you have to be happy with what you do. That’s what we did, and it paid off!

Check out their complete line of products at HighGorgeous.com

(Be sure to check back soon for a review of some High Gorgeous products.)


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