Man and woman sitting on steps using cannabis

A lady’s guide to dating a non-cannabis user

Has it happened to you? You met someone you really dig… and then you find out he or she doesn’t use cannabis.

For some people dating someone who doesn’t medicate seems like a daunting situation. Will they find me gross? How do I medicate when I’m with them? Should I hide it? As someone who has personally dated both cannabis users and non-users alike, I have compiled my top tips and tricks to navigate your way through this gap in your relationship.

The first time I spoke to my now boyfriend about my cannabis use was a casual, “Hey what’s your vibe on weed?” Much like everything else in a relationship I believe in having an open and honest conversation about cannabis pretty early on.

For me using cannabis isn’t just something I enjoy it’s something that improves my day to day life. Although down to the wire I could live without it, I very much choose not to.

I always want to be respectful of my significant other so I’ve found being as upfront about it as possible is helpful when trying to establish both parties needs in the relationship.

My boyfriend works in a position where consuming cannabis would be dangerous therefore he is drug tested often. Not only that but the smell/smoke sometimes bothers him. I told him very openly about my struggle with anxiety in the past and how after years of being on and off meds I finally found something that worked for me.

Over the last year, we’ve found a system that works for both of us. He knows that it is 100% ok to talk to me if for any reason our system isn’t working for him anymore or if it’s bothering him in any way.

Once I knew his sensitives to cannabis, I made a guide for myself and bought a few tools to make medicating around him a lot easier. My partner is sensitive to strong smell and too much smoke, for me this means joints are only smoked in my car before I go into his house or outside, and normally I’ll smoke one when we take the dogs on a walk.

At first, I thought smoking bowls would work. I would just smoke by a window but it seemed like no matter how hard I tried the smoke would always end up stinking up the place. It was then that my friend told me about this really amazing product called the Smokebuddy. I attribute a great deal of credit to this product for making dating a non-smoker SO MUCH EASIER.

Remember the sploofs you used to make in college? Dryer sheets shoved into a paper towel roll, blow smoke in one end, and it comes out smelling like “spring mountains” the other end. The Smokebuddy took this concept to the next level and added some carbon so the air that comes out the other end is odorless. It’s sold in three different sizes, the larger size is great for the house and the smaller is awesome for travel. I 1000% recommend investing in one of these if your partner is sensitive to smell/smoke. This product has made it possible for me to smoke sitting NEXT TO my partner and not bother him.

Before I discovered the Smokebuddy and was trying to avoid both smoke and smell I invested in an oil pen. For roughly $60 you can buy a pen with an oil cartage and a rechargeable battery. Oil pens vaporize the oil, so the smoke isn’t super smelly and dissipates far faster than smoke from a bowl.

I personally use a Rempen battery and I love these Eureka cartages the most. The pen makes it easy for me to smoke before bed or when I’m near him without bothering him. I’m able to medicate when I need to without drawing attention to myself when out together in public.

With the industry booming, there are so many ways to consume cannabis these days. Do some research and see what might work for you and your partner. Keep in mind both your needs and their sensitivities when looking for a solution.With open, honest communication and mutual respect, you can bridge any gap you might feel with your non-canna using partner.

Keep your head up and your heart open babes!

Are you dating someone that doesn’t medicate? Let us know your experience below or connect with us on Instagram!

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