Pot Party Tricks: How to Blow Smoke Bubbles

We’re not ashamed to admit it… No matter how old you are, there’s just something so awesome about blowing bubbles. The way they float, swirl, and pop is simply mesmerizing.

Now, imagine taking your bubble blowing to the next level… by filling them with smoke! It’s easy to do, it’s a really impressive #PotPartyTrick, and you probably have all the tools on hand already.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Your marijuana and smoking device of choice
  • A cereal bowl or baking pan
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • An empty toilet paper roll, or an empty paper towel roll cut in thirds

Then, you’ll the mix water and dish soap into your bowl / pan. The more soap the better, as this will make stronger bubbles. Dip one side of your toilet paper roll into the solution, so it’s ready once you smoke.

Light up, inhale, and after you’ve lifted the roll out of the solution, blow gently into the dry end.

Your magic bubble will start to form. If it doesn’t set sail right away, lightly motion the paper roll so the bubble launches off. It’ll float, fly, land, pop, and if it’s a super unicorn bubble, might even bounce around.

And now for an extra trippy Pro-Tip: To elevate your next outdoor smoke sesh, power up a glowstick and crack it into your bubble solution. Your glowy, smoky orbs will light up the night. (Just be sure not to let the bubbles pop on any stainable surfaces, or land on your friends.)

Tried this Pot Party Trick out in the wild? Let us know how it turned out in the comments below!

😚💭 -BJ

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