Meet MavenKind, the new Massachusetts-based woman-owned brand bringing a whole new meaning to self-care with cannabis

Have you ever met someone and thought hmmm, this was meant to be?

About a year ago, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something new…a stiletto dance class. Think Beyonce choreography in heels… an aggressive choice for my return to the dance world I know, but hey, go big or go home, right?

I was terrified but knew if I hated it or fell flat on my face, I could always choose never to return, so I just took the leap. Well, long story short, I didn’t hate it, and I didn’t fall on my face.

Instead, I found a welcoming, creative, and loving group that encouraged and supported me in this new endeavor. Shout out to Seacoast!

One of the beautiful humans amongst this group happened to be Lyndsey Ellen, whom I learned was also stepping out of her comfort zone and creating a new cannabis brand. I was so impressed by how she took this industry by storm and created solutions to solve her frustrations within the industry. Our meeting was predestined, and I am so proud to support her and her incredible journey into the cannabis world. 

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to MavenKind, a new Massachusetts-based woman-owned brand bringing a whole new meaning to self-care with cannabis. Mavenkind is passionate about educating women on the world of THC and creating products that seamlessly and comfortably fit into their lifestyles. Although the mission is female-centered, their goal is to bring in folks from all walks of life to elevate the conversation & encourage thoughtful dialogue in the cannabis space. 

MavenKind thought outside the box. Rather than naming their stains after their genetics, they blessed them with names that describe their vibe. By doing this, the consumer is aware of what to expect and benefits from each strain. This gives consumers confidence to enter a dispensary, knowing exactly what they are looking for. Here’s a breakdown of all current offerings: 

Sunday Morning- “Sunday Morning is the Unbothered Feel. It may help to lift depression, smooth out rough edges, and could relieve inflammation in the body. This feel seeks to help relax and remedy any anxious energies”. The name describes it all, you reach this when you want to be active but chill. Recommended for outdoor activities, making brunch at home, and “cleaning your house with no pants on, you do you, boo!”. It’s an uplifting, citrus strain that will leave you feeling “unbothered.” 

Stardust- “Relaxation and bliss combine. Eventually, you may find yourself amongst hours of restful sleep. The combination of terpenes may set your mind at ease and relax your body. It feels like a warm heavy blanket as you drift off to sleep”. With notes of Cherry orange cinnamon and clove, this sleepy-time blend will leave you feeling relaxed and blissful as you drift off into Dreamland. 

Chasing Fireflies – “Chasing Fireflies is our Going Out Feel. The euphoric effects and a delicious full-body buzz are perfect for socializing. This Feel will leave you chatty- but not unravelingand giggling- but not couch-locked. The THCV cannabinoid boosts give an extra pep in your step, which we love”. With delicious notes of cherry lemonade (YUM), this is the perfect blend for a night out or in with the girls. Or any other social situations where you’d like to be lifted but not sleepy and hungry. 

Sweet Release- “This one is our Body Bliss feel. This feeling is all about getting out of your head and into your body. It may ease pain by improving circulation and encouraging relaxation. These same effects could boost sexual experiences and create a light euphoric high”. This baby is the one you reach for when you wanna spend some time with yourself. This blend helps to reduce pain while elevating your pleasure, allowing you to be in your body in the present moment. With tasting notes of rose and honey, this blend can help you drop into some sexy and confident vibes. 

(Descriptions provided by

Mavenkind’s carefully crafted products have made cannabis approachable to even the most timid. Their love of education and drive to change not only people’s lives but the industry is apparent. Their website also provides a breakdown of all the terpenes with descriptions for each strain which I find extremely helpful. They have again gone above and beyond with fun extras such as corresponding playlists to help set the vibe based on what blend you’re consuming. 

Picture this: After checking out Mavenkind’s website, you walk into a dispensary and know what you want. You’re in and out of the store in 10 minutes and on your way home. Upon arrival, you get comfy, open your product, lower the lights, and turn on your playlist. Seamlessly able to drop into your desired vibration. 

The way that MavenKind has made its brand so user-friendly is compelling. The idea of being able to enter a dispensary knowing precisely what you need to help with your ailments is incredibly empowering to new and seasoned cannabis users alike. Lyndsay knew there were people interested in cannabis but could be intimidated to try. I wholeheartedly believe that Mavenkind is building bridges and equipping women to take their self-care into their own hands using cannabis.


As of March 16th, 2023, these blends are available as vape cartridges. Upon your first purchase, you will receive a little bag of love from MaveKind. As with everything they do, MK wanted to make things as user-friendly and seamless as possible. In this cute lil starter kit, you’ll receive an MK battery + charger and custom stickers corresponding to MK’s blends. No more mixing up your cartridges; just check the sticker! This is the perfect gift with purchase for those who aren’t familiar with vaping and experienced users alike. The care, empathy, and love put into this brand, marketing, and their products is such a fresh breath of delicious air. I can’t wait to see what they will dream up next! 

For me, vaping is easy, has no unpleasant smell, is mess-free, and is discreet. it’s perfect when I don’t have the time to sit down and roll something and when I’m on the go and need something quick. I also love its discretion for when I want to enjoy a buzz around people but don’t necessarily partake. 

You can find MavenKinds magic at the following dispensaries, all located in Mass:

The Heritage Club
CNA – Amesbury
CNA – Haverhill
Uma Flowers Cannabis Dispensary
Western Front – Chelsea
Misty Mountain Shop LLC
Redi – Natick
South Shore Buds
Campfire Cannabis
Liberty – Springfield
Cananbis of Worcester
& more, coming soon!

Don’t see your fav on there? Ask them to get MK for you and check their website for an updated list!

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