Drop everything and match your rolling papers to your nails with stunning designs from Papers + Ink Studio

As a stoner girl, your personal style is a unique reflection of the woman within. Shouldn’t your rolling papers make a statement?

That’s the mission behind Papers + Ink Studio, the brand behind some very creatively designed rolling paper kits, gift sets, accessories and more.

Think rolling papers with patterns inspired by travels, vintage textiles, and botanicals. Creative collabs that let your nails match your joint. Stoner accessories that make a statement about social justice.

When Papers + Ink reached out, we were so excited to learn more. We sat down with founder Carolyn Chu to ask the hard questions… What’s her day-to-day like as a founder? Who’s the one celeb she’d hire? Does she consider herself a stoner? And can we actually coordinate our nails with our rolling papers, for real!?

Meet Carolyn Chu, founder of Papers + Ink Studio

After studying design at renowned Central Saint Martins and earning an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC), Carolyn Chu wanted to combine her interests in fashion and plant-based medicines, such as cannabis, by altering the business of rolling papers and accessories. Chu founded Papers + Ink Studio in 2019 and designed a flagship line of aesthetically oriented rolling paper kits handmade in California. After gaining attraction in multiple significant publications such as Vogue, Forbes, Goop, and Playboy Magazine, Papers + Ink Studio began to collaborate with more diverse artists, BIPOC businesses, and community-based organizations to create socially aware and ethically sourced goods and collaborations for the trailblazing consumer. Challenging outdated stereotypes to provide distinct accessories and homeware for the sophisticated smoker, Papers + Ink elevates the experience of rolling to an art form… The Art of Rolling™.

Carolyn, thanks for chatting with us today! Let’s jump right in:

As a founder, what is your day-to-day like?

Every day is different for me as I juggle a lot of projects (excited to talk about some of the new ones soon!). My days are often full of meetings, inspirational walks or, what I like to call garden therapy. I spend time connecting with badass collaborators, and then there are the less exciting activities that it takes to run a business, like reading contracts, operational tasks, and other housekeeping items. If I can sneak in an afternoon bath, it’s the best reset break.

We heard about an exciting new collaboration that you’re doing with Scratch Nails. Tell us a bit about the partnership and how the idea came together.

We’re huge fans of nail art and of course beautiful joints! And definitely love a matchy matchy moment. So naturally, we shoot a lot of this type of aesthetic driven content on our Instagram @papersandinksesh. We wanted to bring a collaboration to our customers that combines fun, matchy prints and just taking everything up another level. AND, what an exciting way to bring a smile to your face! 

Since we’re fans of Nina’s art and what she’s done with scratch nail wraps, we reached out and joined forces for this collab. Both AAPI WOC owned and led companies, both aligned and inspiring everyone to be creative and we love that nail wraps are simple and easy to use like our papers. A full kit experience and everything you need, just add flowers and your nails!  And a beautiful collaboration it was. Get ready for the next Nails + Nugs seasonal drops!!!

If you could hire one celebrity to work at Papers + Ink, who would you choose and why?

Rihanna, only because she is soooo amazing and I want to be best friends and have daily seshes with this badass multi-hyphenate trailblazer!

Do you consider yourself a “stoner”? Why or why not?

Yes, big time, but I think the term stoner is rapidly changing. In fact, I don’t think I know a single stoner who isn’t a hard worker and hustler with a million projects going on. For me, the term coins a lifestyle of liking to view the world in an elevated way. Much like how people can’t function without a bit of caffeine jolt in the morning. I don’t consume cannabis all day everyday, but definitely there are plenty of moments it can enhance and plenty of undeniable benefits.  

What is your favorite way to enjoy cannabis? What strains are you loving right now?

Obviously, rolling a gorgeous hand rolled joint in one of our newest prints or a classic that I just love. We use only organic unbleached hemp sourced from Europe and vegetable based colorings and natural arabic gum so our papers burn slow and consistent. Add in our premium filters and it’s just the best, smoothest joint sesh. Right now I try different strains for different occasions. I like to ideate and do creative work with green crack or tangies, while winding down from day and relaxing with sweet smelling strains like Forbidden Fruit and wedding cake.

What music do you listen to while you work?

Right now fully obsessed with instrumentals in the background. Currently on repeat in the studio is a brother duo called Hermanos Gutierrez.

What one piece of advice would you share with women that are aspiring cannabis industry entrepreneurs?

Go do it!!! But look around at all aspects of the industry. There are sooo many roles in this industry. You don’t always have to touch the plant. For example, when I was in fashion, everyone always wanted to be the fashion designer and didn’t know all the amazing other roles that support companies and an entire industry. It is a very similar feeling in the cannabis industry, so I would say look around to also see other roles within that might not get the spotlight on them, but could work for you and your passions.  Also, get a mentor, make true friendships, build a community, because you can’t do anything alone and entrepreneurship in any field can be isolating and draining. Lastly, get a good therapist!!!!

Thanks for chatting with us, Carolyn! To learn more about Papers + Ink Studio, visit their website here.

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