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Products We Love: Pharm Organics Deep Freeze Roll On

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck or sore achy muscles? I don’t think I’ve been able to get off an airplane without a stiff neck and back after the age or 27. Enter Pharm Organics Deep Freeze Roll on. Deep Freeze is comparable to a product such as Bio-Freeze in size, smell and application method. I prefer this product not only because it has CBD but also because it is organic. This CBD topical has recognizable ingredients such as organic aloe leaf juice, menthol crystals and white camphor bark oil.


I use this roll-on almost every day on my lower back. At the end of the day when I get out of the shower and my skin is still warm I’ll roll it on and give myself a little back rub. The cooling feeling last about 30 mins and feels fantastic. For me the pain relief last longer with Freeze than with other products because the CBD. I find that CBD is super effective when applied directly to the area in pain.


I also apply on my neck/shoulder and lower back before airplane or long car rides. I find doing this little prep has helped so much with stiff necks from falling asleep in weird positions and just general stiffness. I recently gave this roll-on to my mother to help with her achy knee. My mother is very timidly about entering into the CBD world. This product was not only user friendly but it really worked wonders for her pain. I recommend anyone living an active lifestyle pick this up and keep it in your gym bag/travel bag.

If topicals are not for you Pharma has a fantastic selection of tin and other CBD products. I personally have tried their Mint CBD oil and love adding it to my matcha in the morning.

You can buy the Deep Freeze on their buy clicking HERE, and be sure to check out Pharm Organics for all your CBD needs!



*Since the posting of this article the packaging has changed on this product however it is the same great stuff inside!

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