Get High and Do Good? Here’s How 8 Innovative Cannabis Brands Give Back

Cannabis companies throughout the country are finding ways to give back to the community and increase their brand awareness.

Whether it’s building an outdoor music venue or donating to important causes, each company shows how you can make a difference in the world.

1. Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms, a California-based cannabis oils and vape pens company, has a one-for-one program where it donates meals. Every time someone purchases a product, the farm gives a meal to a food-insecure family. Plus, the team volunteers for various local service projects and donates to food banks, including the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, El Dorado County Food Bank, Redwood Empire Food Bank and more.

2. Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry is a leading provider of cannabis products and other services. The company contributes to One Colorado, an organization working toward equality for LGBTQ individuals and their families in Colorado. Good Chemistry’s CEO Matt Huron won an Ally Award in 2016 for his contributions to the LGBTQ community in Colorado. The company also donates medical marijuana to terminally ill or low-income patients as part of its Compassion Program.

3. Colorado Harvest Company

Colorado Harvest Company is one of the state’s oldest dispensary stores, and it carries edibles, extracts, concentrates and naturally grown marijuana flowers for both retail and medical customers. CEO Tim Cullen partnered with O.penVape to become the largest private donor of the construction of an amphitheater in Denver’s Ruby Hill Park. The decision allowed him to support the community and increase the company’s brand awareness and overall presence. When it’s complete, the amphitheater will host 50 free concerts every summer.

4. Bloom Room

San Francisco cannabis dispensary Bloom Room has extensive community outreach programs focused on bettering the wellness of their medical patients. Low-income patients get massages and other forms of compassion, while the store has a community calendar featuring different events. One event they advertise is picking up trash on Jesse Street, the store’s alley. Patients who help pick up the trash get a joint as a thank you for their help.

5. The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a dispensary in Arizona that makes time for its employees to give back. Individuals who work at the company’s production facility and two dispensaries participate in different events such as the Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis walk and the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K. The company came together to raise over $21,000 for different charities in Phoenix as a result of participating in those 2017 events.

6. Marley Natural

Marley Natural in Washington gives back to the community in their state by partnering with the Minority Cannabis Business Association. Together, they hosted the 2017 Rise Up Washington Expungement Day for nearly 20 people convicted of nonviolent cannabis offenses to file motions to clear their criminal records.

7. TJ’s Cannabis and TJ’s Gardens

TJ’s Cannabis in Washington and TJ’s Gardens in Oregon worked together to start The Forrest Initiative. The center helps underprivileged families get CBD for their kids who have seizures, neuropathic pain and other serious medical issues. Any child who has a dire need for this life-changing oil can now get it through The Forrest Initiative.

8. Not Pot

On a mission to #freeplantsandpeople, Not Pot is so far beyond your average CBD company.  Their team has partnered up with The Bail Project, a nonprofit that’s fighting against the United States’ mass-incarceration epidemic by disrupting the bail system. Each month, Not Pot pledges to use profits to pay the bail of one person in need, to help them return home as they work through their court proceedings. Learn more about their mission here and pick up a jar of adorable polar bear shaped vegan CBD gummies to help support.

Giving Back Begins With You

Every cannabis company has the opportunity to give back. If you’re an employer, talk to your team to determine which causes are important to them and what your brand cares about most. Then, start donating your money or your time to invest in the community and create positive brand awareness and presence. As a consumer, choose to spend your hard-earned dollars with companies that do good for the world.

Have a favorite philanthropic cannabis brand that you don’t see above? Give ’em a shout out in the comments below! 👇🏽

About the Author:

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