Women Who Consume Cannabis Are Smarter Than Those Who Don’t, According to Science

It’s finally time to put one of the oldest & most annoying stoner myths to rest, babes!

Ask any cannabis consumer what stereotypes they hear on the reg & they’ll definitely mention one in particular – that “marijuana makes you stupid.

It’s hard to say where exactly this stereotype started, but years of D.A.R.E and scary PSA’s have certainly helped it spread. But now science is here to set us all straight, and not a moment too soon.

According to Herb.co, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health studied 800 women who regularly use cannabis, surveying them specific qualities like IQ, level of schooling completed, smoking / consuming habits and lifestyle factors. The results? Super interesting.

Not only did most of the female cannabis smokers have higher IQs than the general public, women who were 50% smarter than the average woman were more likely to consume cannabis. This means, the smarter the woman, the greater her chances of using cannabis.

There’s still a major question left unanswered though. Why?

While the data proved women who ingest cannabis are of higher intelligence, it didn’t explain why. Researchers were puzzled by the lack of findings, questioning why the higher IQs were found in those who regularly used cannabis. The higher IQ phenomenon is still unexplained, but scientists have released some insight into why they think cannabis users are generally more intelligent.

The creators of the study believe that women’s inherent nature to be more open to new experiences could be at work here.

Often, those with higher IQs seek out new and exciting stimulation. Experimenting with cannabis, and experiencing the many benefits first-hand, might be the cause of the higher IQ phenomenon. Once the women try cannabis, they’re more likely to consume again because they begin to understand the mind-opening affects it delivers.

As cannabis regulations continue to lift, hopefully more research will be funded, and the many benefits of marijuana will become known.

Knowledge is key to acceptance, and we’re so thankful for all the hard work & effort that has been put into proving the power of this plant.

Until then, cheers to all the smart stoner girls out there, smashing stereotypes every day ✌🏽

Header image via Unsplash

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