Products We Love: SteamCloud Mini

Here at HeyHelloHigh we’ve tried a lot of vape pens and this pen is by far one of our top choices. The SteamCloud mini stands at 2.5in tall and 1.1in wide. It’s charged with a USB cord which is included, however, if you lose it I’ve found an android charger can work in a pinch. This pen fits the slimmer oil cartages, which slide into the pen and connect magnetically through a ring you screw on the bottom of your cartridge.


The pens sleek design fits super discreetly in my hand but still packs enough power that I can really vape all the oil in my cartage and get a great hit without pulling too hard. It also fits very nicely in my wallet. Like most vape pens the SteamCloud will lock when you click the button quickly three times. I love that it fits securely in my pocket, unlike the skinny pen like vapes that are tall and often fall on when I sit/stand/move unless zipped in my pocket. I thought at first that I would have issues losing the gold cuffs however I’ve found that if I keep on a Sativa cartridge and one on an Indica it not only makes it easy for me to switch between strains but helps me keep track of the cuffs.

This pen has one of the longest battery live I’ve seen yet. One charge will give me a week or more of regular daily use. I was absolutely shocked and happily surprised when I didn’t have to recharge after a few days of use. For me having to charge my pen or have a backup battery on hand when traveling etc is a pain, because of this the Steamcloud has becoming my go-to pen for day-to-day vaping. I fully recommend this pen and plan on purchasing as gifts for friends in the future!


The SteamCloud mini can be purchased HERE from NY Vape Shop.

Be sure to check out NY Vape Shop for all your vape needs, they have a fantastic selection!

or find them on Instagram @NYvapeshop




Disclaimer: This product was provided by NY Vape Shop, however, all options are our own.

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