Weed Chat With: Bess Byers aka @imcannabess

Here at HeyHelloHigh, we love chatting with cannababes that are making waves in the industry and setting a strong example for career women everywhere. We recently had the unique opportunity to chat with award-winning Bess Byers, aka @ImCannaBess, and we recorded it all to share with you!




This girl does it all — She’s an incredible businesswoman, photographer, and advocate in the cannabis industry. Starting out marketing and political background, Bess never saw herself ending up working in the cannabis industry… but when an opportunity presented itself she grabbed it. Now she’s living in Seattle & working what many would call a “dream job”, and Bess has captured some serious industry attention.




Today Bess speaks with us about her goals for 2018 & what she loves most about working in this growing (pun intended) industry.

Tune in to hear more about how she got her name (hint — you’ll never guess who came up with CANNABess) and her advice to women who are looking for opportunities in the cannabis industry.


We want to thank Bess for taking the time to chat with us. We are thrilled to support such a positive and intelligent lady boss, who is absolutely crushing stereotypes and taking names. Make sure you follow her on Instagram and check out her blog ImCannaBess.com  stay updated on all her adventures.

Love Bess & her work? Leave her a comment below! Know a cannababe that would be perfect for our Weed Chat With series? Get at us on the Contact page. We love to make new friends!💚

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